MC-25  THE ADVENTURES OF ANNIE OAKLEY VOLUME #1  1953.  Two great episodes of western fun starring Gail Davis as the famous sharpshootin' gal. With Brad Johnson as the sheriff and Jimmy Hawkins as Tagg.  ANNIE & THE TWISTED TRAILS and ANNIE'S DESERT ADVENTURE  Stories include robbers, sweethearts, and crooks in an abandoned gold mine! 55 minutes  $19.95

MC-232  THE ADVENTURES OF ANNIE OAKLEY  VOL. #2  1954.  Western action stars Gail Davis as the famous sharpshooter, with Brad Johnson as Deputy Sheriff Lofty Craig, and Jimmy Hawkins as Tagg Oakley. OUTLAW BRAND  Tag’s friend Johnny thinks his uncle is involved in a bank robbery and the missing $10,000.  DILEMMA AT DIABLO  A man’s son returns to town from medical school and is ashamed to admit he didn’t graduate.  His deception leads to an association with crooked gamblers and safe robbers.  55 minutes $19.95

MC-139  ADVENTURES OF KIT CARSON  1952.  Bill Williams thunders across your TV screen as Christopher "Kit" Carson, frontiersman and famed Indian scout in the 1880's west.  His loyal and comical Mexican sidekick, El Toro, is played by Bill Diamond.  PADRE'S TREASURE  A viscous band of stagecoach robbers mistakenly steal quinine destined to stop a malaria outbreak at the mission.  Kit Carson and El Toro must pose as outlaws to get it back.  MERENGO'S STORY  A boy inherits a map to a valuable gold mine when his father is killed.  Kit and El Toro help the boy...with claim jumpers everywhere!  Look for John Hamilton, who became well known as editor Perry White in the Superman series.
 55 minutes  $19.95

MC-170  BRAVE EAGLE  1955.  Unique western action stars Keith Larson as Brave Eagle, chief of the Cheyenne.  Keena Nomkeena plays Keena, Brave Eagle's foster son, and pretty Kim Winnoa is Morning Star. Bert Wheeler is Smoky Joe, the lovable, comical father of Morning Star. This series is different from traditional westerns on 1950's television by showing the Indian's point of view, and the struggle of the American Indian on the western plains.  THE FLIGHT  An impetuous Calvary Lieutenant thinks Brave Eagle has captured his wife to be (Gloria Winters of Sky King fame).  The Calvary will attack the Cheyenne unless Brave Eagle can reunite the girl with the Lieutenant.  CODE OF A CHIEF  After Brave Eagle signs a peace treaty, greedy white men kidnap a gold miner.  Brave Eagle is falsely accused of killing the miner and breaking the treaty.  Look for Richard Crane (Rocky Jones Space Ranger) as the new lieutenant fresh out of West Point.
55 minutes  $19.95

MC-177  BRAVE EAGLE  VOLUME #2   1955.   More unique western action stars Keith Larson as Brave Eagle, chief of the Cheyenne.  Keena Nomkeena plays Keena, Brave Eagle's foster son, and pretty Kim Winnoa is Morning Star.  Bert Wheeler is Smoky Joe, the lovable, comical father of Morning Star.  This series is different from traditional westerns on 1950's television by showing the Indian's point of view and the struggle of the American Indian on the western plains.   MASK OF THE MANITOU and  SHIELD OF HONOR  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-178 BUFFALO BILL JR: THE EARLIEST EPISODES  1955.   Dick Jones is Buffalo Bill Jr., an orphan adopted by Judge Ben Wiley (Harry Cheshire).  The Judge appointed Bill marshall of Wileyville, Texas, aided by his sister, Calamity, played by Nancy Gilbert.  Rip roarin' 1890's western action filmed on location in Pioneertown, California. FIGHT FOR GERONIMO Episode #1 and  BOOMERS BLUNDER Episode #8  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-088  BUFFALO BILL JR.  1955.  Dick Jones stars as Buffalo Bill, Jr., the marshall of Wileyville, Texas. He is aided by his sister, Calamity, played by Nancy Gilbert. Rip roarin' 1890's western action filmed on location in Pioneertown in Apple Valley, California.  GRAVE OF THE MONSTERS and LEGACY OF JESSE JAMES  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-123  THE CISCO KID  1951.  Western action featuring "The Robin Hood of the Old West," the Cisco Kid, starring Duncan Renaldo.  His lovable sidekick and partner, Pancho, is played by Leo Carrilo.  Two episodes with commercials.  SISTER TROUBLE  Cisco and Pancho meet two pretty sisters involved with a gang of crooked gamblers and counterfeiters.  ROMANY CARAVAN  A band of Gypsies befriend Cisco and Pancho when they help a beautiful maiden in distress.  Cisco must settle the fight by the ancient customs of the bear tribe.  To make matters worse, planted bank robbery money bring Cisco and the camp under suspicion as robbers!  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-255  CISCO KID Volume #2 1951.  Duncan Renaldo stars as “The Robin Hood of the Old West”, the Cisco Kid!  Leo Carrilo plays Pancho, his lovable and loyal sidekick.  POSTAL INSPECTOR  Cisco is wrongfully accused of gunning down the postal inspector, who was investigating a gang specializing in mail holdups.  PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION   A rancher refusing to pay protection money to a gang of outlaws has his hot-headed daughter kidnapped. 55 minutes $19.95.

MC-229 COWBOY G-MEN  1952.  Russell Hayden and Jackie Coogan star as government agents in this rare western series. Titles: THE WOMAN MAYOR, MYSTERIOUS DECOY  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-089  JUDGE ROY BEAN  1955.  Edgar Buchanan stars as the justice dealing Judge of Langtry, Texas. This storekeeper turned Judge maintained law and order in "America's most lawless region." The series also stars Jackie Loughery and Jack Beutel. Russell Hayden, who produced this action packed western series, appears in some of the episodes.  WEDDING OF OLD SAM and LETTY LEAVES HOME  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-240 THE LONE RANGER: EARLIEST EPISODES  1949. Clayton Moore stars as the masked ranger.  The first three shows tell the story of the Lone Ranger, why he wears a mask, and why he seeks injustice in the old west.  Jay Silverheels also stars as Tonto, his ever faithful Indian companion.  Titles: Episode #1 THE LONE RANGER ENTERS, Episode #2 THE LONE RANGER FIGHTS ON, and Episode #3 THE LONE RANGER TRIUMPHS.  75 minutes  $19.95

MC-277 OUTLAWS 1960.  Exceptional western series set in Stillwater, Oklahoma Territory.  Series stars Don Collier, Barton Maclane, and Jock Gaynor as the lawmen. QUIET KILLERS  A good old fashioned lawman, frustrated because the courts keep letting off rustlers he brings to trial, becomes a killer. Where can he run to escape his conscience?  Gene Evans and Phyllis Thaxter guest star in this well acted, intense, action packed western.  All commercials intact.  $19.95

MC-083  THE RANGE RIDER, VOLUME #1  1951.  Follow the western action of The Range Rider starring Jock Mahoney as the wandering defender of frontier justice. Dick Jones stars as his sidekick, Dick West, the "all American boy."  BLACK TERROR and BLIND TRAIL  55 minutes $19.95

MC-166  RANGE RIDER, VOLUME #2   1953.  Western action with Jock Mahoney as The Range Rider, and Dick Jones as his sidekick, Dick West .  SAGA OF SILVERTOWN  Outlaws are stealing a mining town's shipments of silver jewelry.  The town is finished unless the Range Rider and Dick can capture the crooks.  Look for Clay Moore (The Lone Ranger) playing the role of an old man!  CHEROKEE ROUNDUP  Black Cloud, the Cherokee chief, is arrested on false charges by a crooked Indian agent.  Range Rider and Dick must stop the Cherokee nation from going on the warpath.  Beautiful Gloria Saunders plays the Indian maiden.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-154 UNAIRED PILOTS VOLUME #2: DAN'L BOONE, FREMONT THE TRAILBLAZER 1955, 1956. The TV series that never made it. Can you figure out why? DAN'L BOONE Bruce Bennett plays the famed frontiersman, with Lon Chaney Jr. as the Shawnee Chief, Blackfish. Daniel is in the middle of a of an Indian uprising caused by a crooked white man. He proves his worth to the tribe by running through rows of Indians wielding tomahawks. The Chief and Daniel become friends when he saves the Chief's son. Action abounds, for peace can come to Doonsboro only if a treacherous traitor is found. FREMONT THE TRAILBLAZER Follow the exploits of the explorer where "from the ashes of his campfire have sprung cities." Fremont (Steve Cochran) leaves a beautiful woman (Barbara Wilson) to record trails of land only seen by Mountain Men. He finds Kit Carson (James Gavin) as his guide. An untamed land, Soo Indians, a scout viciously slaughtered as a warning to those who proceed, and an endless desert awaits him. 60 minutes $19.95 

MC-159  RENEGADES  (1942)  Buster Crabbe plays Billy the Kid in this action western co-starring the lovable Al (Fuzzy) St John.  The crooked mayor of Pine Bluffs is trying to buy 10,000 acres of land from the ranchers because he knows it is not just range land...there is oil there!  Fuzzy seeks Billy the Kid's help when the ranchers are in danger of going  bankrupt because their money was stolen in a bank robbery.  Two fisted action, shoot-outs, and assassins are dealt with as Billy and Fuzzy unravel the mystery while saving the bank for the honest banker and his beautiful daughter. Great B-western fun from the PRC studios. Also stars Lois Ranson, Karl Hackett, and Ray Bennett.
56 minutes  $19.95

MC-019  THE ROY ROGERS SHOW  (1952) Happy trails to you! Four great shows with the King of the Cowboys, Roy Rogers. Co-starring Dale Evans, Pat Brady, and Nelliebelle the Jeep.  INNOCENT MAN,  MONEY TO BURN, OUTLAWS RETURN, GINGER HORSE  115 minutes  $19.95

MC-068  SKY KING: VOLUME #1  1958.   Out of the blue of the western sky comes...Sky King!  Visit the Flying Crown Ranch and join in the airborne adventure, while flying the famous Cessna, the Songbird.  Kirby Grant stars as Sky King with Gloria Winters as his teenage niece Penny.  WILDMAN Penny befriends a giant man of the forest no one can approach.  Sky and the Songbird prevent an angry mob from killing an innocent man.  SKY ROBBERS Takes place at an airshow filled with unique vintage airplanes, including the Blue Angels.  Penny wins an air race and there is a robbery--by plane! 55 minutes  $19.95

MC-069 SKY KING: VOLUME #2  1958.   Two more thrilling adventures.  A DOG NAMED BARNEY Sky hosts a show to help raise money to buy a seeing-eye dog for a blind newspaper boy.  During a robbery, the dog follows the thief and is separated from the boy.  Sky and Penny dive bomb with the Songbird to save the dog before the robber kills it to cover his tracks.  BULLET BAIT  Truck hijackers commit murder! A young groom who sees the crime must "disappear" from his own wedding. When the Songbird's gas is drained, Sky must do some fancy flying to save the day, and the wedding!
 55 minutes  $19.95

MC-204 TRACKDOWN  1957.  Robert Kulp stars as Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman, fighting for law and order in the lawless West during the 1870’s.  Based on true stories, this series had the official approval of the State of Texas, and the Texas Rangers.  LIKE FATHER  Hoby arrests a bank robber and murderer, only to discover the fugitive’s 15 year old son is on the same destructive path.  ALPINE TEXAS  Alpine is a friendly town, unless you’re a Texas Ranger!   55 minutes  $19.95

MC-78  26 MEN (1958) Stories based on the files of the Arizona Rangers in the Arizona Territory of 1903. Twenty-six lawmen dispense justice in the final days of the Old West. The series stars Tristan Coffin and features Kelo Henderson. THE BELLS OF ST. THOMAS & VALLEY OF FEAR 55 minutes $19.95

MC-223 STORIES OF THE CENTURY 1956. Jim Davis stars as Matt Clark, railroad detective for the Southwestern Railroad in the 1890's.  Mary Castle plays Frankie Adams, his female sidekick.  Episodes are based on official newspaper stories and records.  JACK SLADE  Matt Clarke infiltrates the gang of Jack Slade, an outlaw who terrorized four states leaving a trail of bloodshed and violence.   JOHN WESLEY HARDIN  The team sets out to catch the cold blooded killer John Wesley Hardin, a Texas badman who killed forty men.  55 minutes  $19.95

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