MC-051 THE BEST OF CHAPLIN  1916-1917. Three exceptional comedies from the Mutual period. Included are: THE RINK, ONE A.M., and THE FLOORWALKER. You'll be delighted with the timeless comedy antics of the little tramp who received $675,000 the year he worked for Mutual films, the highest amount paid to an actor at that time. Exceptional quality with music added. 60 minutes  $19.95

MC-20 SHIRLEY TEMPLE BABY BURLESKS 1932 A fine collection of "Our Gang" type shorts starring the irresistible dimpled darling Shirley Temple. This tape includes: GLAD RAGS TO RICHES, POLLY TIX IN WASHINGTON, KID IN AFRICA, KID IN HOLLYWOOD, PIE COVERED WAGON, KIDS LAST FIGHT.  60 minutes  $19.95

MC-156 SPEAKING OF ANIMALS VOLUME #1 1945-1948. This cute and comical series of short subjects produced for theaters in the 1940's is a clever mixture of live action and animation. Jerry Fairbanks produced these films for Paramount with wisecracking animals in all kinds of situations, with animated mouths so it looks like they are talking! These films were very popular on children's television shows in the 1950's and into the 1960's, until color took over the airwaves. Lots of hilarious one liners, as the narrator sets the joke up, and the animal delivers the punch line. Six comical extravaganzas covering life on a farm to newspaper headlines.HILL-BILLIES, STORK CRAZY, POOCH PARADE, THE POST WAR ERA, COUNTRY LIFE and AS HEADLINERS 60 minutes  $19.95

MC-157 SPEAKING OF ANIMALS VOLUME #2 1947-1949. More "Selected Short Subjects" from the theater and television screen with those wisecracking animals! AS OUR FRIENDS, THEY'RE NOT SO DUMB, THE GNU LOOK, HOCUS FOCUS, HOME SWEET HOME and MEET THE CHAMP. These shorts cover animal intelligence, fashion, photo sessions, animal judging, lifestyles, and so much more Cute people fashions, gags, cheesecake, and laffs too! 60 minutes  $19.95

MC-226 SPEAKING OF ANIMALS VOLUME #3 1941-1948. A delightful selection of Paramount shorts with wisecracking animals in all kinds of situations, with animated mouths so they talk to you! This volume includes: DOWN ON THE FARM, IN THE WILD, IN LOVE, DOG CRAZY, ‘T AIN’T SO, and CALLING ALL ANIMALS. 60 minutes $19.95

MC-244 HOLLYWOOD HIGHLIGHTS 1946-1953. An outstanding collection of Hollywood newsreels and short films. ERSKINE JOHNSON’S HOLLYWOOD REEL Visits with Charles Coburn, Randy Brooks & Ina Ray Hutton, and Kenneth Toby. See the RKO lot, Prop man’s movie magic & special effects, and Beverly Hills jewelry fashions for Hollywood beauties. RIVIERA DREAM As Alex d’ Arcy travels the Riveria in his 1950’s Studebaker convertible, he meets Charles Boyer, Sonja Henie, Maurice Chevalier, George Raft, Elsa Maxwell, Bob Stack, Buddy Rogers, Steve Reeves, and MORE. ERSKINE JOHNSON IN HOLLYWOOD Visit sights of Hollywood, “where the stars twinkle until they wrinkle.” See Dina Shore & George Montgomery on their ranch with their new daughter. See the Max Factor Wig Factory and Henry Morgan in a new movie release. GOIN’ HOLLYWOOD Speaking of Animals presents the pets of popular personalities. Included are child star Mary Jane Saunders, Sonny Tubbs and prize chicken, Mona Freeman and monkey, Ishkabibble and Shakespeare the dog, Xavier Cugat and his miniature dog, and more. HOLLYWOOD NEWSREEL Lots of stars at a charity dinner dance includes Joan Crawford, Charles Morrison, Williard Parker, Virginia Field, Ann Sheridan, Gertrude Neilsen, Ethyl Barrymore, Ann Miller, Conrad Hilton, Piper Laurie, Nancy Sinatra, Martin & Lewis, and more. A beauty contest judges by Ken Murray and Jack Bailey, Roy Rogers receives his 10 millionth fan letter, Louis Hayward is given an “invisible” haircut, Hollywood knit fashions for the stars, and Preston Foster. 65 minutes $19.95 

MC-155 W.C. FIELDS: BEST OF COMEDIES 1930-1933. The incomparable wit and comedy of W.C. Fields are captured in this fine selection of early sound shorts. THE GOLF SPECIALIST (1930) Calamities on the course abound in this re-creation of one of Fields vaudeville acts. With Monte Brice. THE DENTIST (1932) Hilarious goings on with typical comedic golfing in the morning, then the classic scenes with Fields pulling and drilling a woman's dental work, which at one time was banned because it was considered "suggestive." Also stars Leslie Pearce, Babe Kane, Elise Cavanna, Zedna Farley, Bud Jamison, and Bobby Dunn. THE PHARMACIST (1933) Fields is hilarious as the pharmacist with the whining daughter, pushy wife, goofy customers, obnoxious children, and other laugh filled situations that could only occur in Field's drugstore. Comedy genius to watch again and again. 
 60 minutes $19.95

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