MC-70 ATOMIC MEMORIES In a time when nuclear annihilation seems relatively distant, it’s easy to forget that there was a period in history when it was of major concern. TV’s Magic Memories presents a unique collection of government films and clips made on survival in the atomic age. This tape includes: 
DUCK & COVER (1950) Burt the Turtle shows us what to do during a “flash.” Animation and live action.
THE EFFECTS OF ATOMIC BOMB EXPLOSIONS (1950) Atomic mania in the US Are atomic cabs and atomic punches affecting the weather? Hugh Beaumont of Leave It To Beaver fame tells us we have little to fear, and then shows the horrors of Hiroshima. A film that “softens” some of the more death-dealing aspects of atomic warfare. 
SURVIVAL UNDER ATOMIC ATTACK (1950) Get the cellar ready! How to bomb-proof the house. Narration by Edward R. Murrow. 
ATOMIC DILEMMA See “Survival City,” eerie buildings populated with life-like models. The explosion destroys the homes like matchsticks. 
ATOMIC BOMB TESTS--BIKINI The fourth and fifth atomic bombs! See the results of the detonations on battleships and subs, as well as the awe inspiring mushroom cloud!  60 minutes  $19.95

MC-072 GOING BOEING A collection of films on passenger plane development. 
WELCOME ABOARD--747 (1969) A sales film on the plane's history and development. 
A NEW DIMENSION (1969) See the first test flights of the 747, its assembly and construction. PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER (1972) The assembly of the 727, 707 and 737. One million parts make up the plane. 
AN AIRPORT (1960) The dawn of the jet age with the Pan Am 707.  60 minutes COLOR  $19.95 

MC-200 UNIVERSAL & MGM STUDIO TOUR 1925. THE CITY OF STARS A reporter, Broderick O’Farrell, tours Universal starting at Hollywood Boulevard. A bus takes him to the studio, where he meets Universal movie stars, takes a wild car ride with cowboy star Bill Desmond, and is chased by a Gorilla that gets loose on a movie set. Many silent films not existing today are shown and stars introduced. MGM STUDIO TOUR See the men and women who create the films, from start to finish. Go through the main gate and ride along the streets, viewing sets, writers (Howard Hawks, Jane Murfin), directors (Vidor, Von Stroheim), stars (Mae Busch, Lon Chaney, John Gilbert, Zasu Pitts) and much more. Watch the extras, busses moving the companies on location, rare motion pictures of the studio, ending with the finished film leaving in a truck! Silent with music added. 55 minutes $19.95

MC-215 HIGHLIGHTS AND SHADOWS 1938. Lowell Thomas introduces “the magical story of the photographic world” in this visit to the Eastman Kodak facilities back in the 1930’s. The Camera Works shows cameras being made, from the “Brownie” retailing at one dollar, to more expensive cameras of the time. Amateur and professional projector manufacture are shown. The Hawk Eye Works shows the precise grinding of lenses. Kodak Park, with miles of streets and buildings, employed thousands of workers. See in detail the manufacture of motion picture film, roll film, and sensitized paper to “preserve a record of our time.” Research, uses of photography, X-rays, and more shows the photographic medium in still and motion. 55 minutes $19.95

MC-244 HOLLYWOOD HIGHLIGHTS 1946-1953. An outstanding collection of Hollywood newsreels and short films. ERSKINE JOHNSON’S HOLLYWOOD REEL Visits with Charles Coburn, Randy Brooks & Ina Ray Hutton, and Kenneth Toby. See the RKO lot, Prop man’s movie magic & special effects, and Beverly Hills jewelry fashions for Hollywood beauties. RIVIERA DREAM As Alex d’ Arcy travels the Riveria in his 1950’s Studebaker convertible, he meets Charles Boyer, Sonja Henie, Maurice Chevalier, George Raft, Elsa Maxwell, Bob Stack, Buddy Rogers, Steve Reeves, and MORE. ERSKINE JOHNSON IN HOLLYWOOD Visit sights of Hollywood, “where the stars twinkle until they wrinkle.” See Dina Shore & George Montgomery on their ranch with their new daughter. See the Max Factor Wig Factory and Henry Morgan in a new movie release. GOIN’ HOLLYWOOD Speaking of Animals presents the pets of popular personalities. Included are child star Mary Jane Saunders, Sonny Tubbs and prize chicken, Mona Freeman and monkey, Ishkabibble and Shakespeare the dog, Xavier Cugat and his miniature dog, and more. HOLLYWOOD NEWSREEL Lots of stars at a charity dinner dance includes Joan Crawford, Charles Morrison, Williard Parker, Virginia Field, Ann Sheridan, Gertrude Neilsen, Ethyl Barrymore, Ann Miller, Conrad Hilton, Piper Laurie, Nancy Sinatra, Martin & Lewis, and more. A beauty contest judges by Ken Murray and Jack Bailey, Roy Rogers receives his 10 millionth fan letter, Louis Hayward is given an “invisible” haircut, Hollywood knit fashions for the stars, and Preston Foster. 65 minutes $19.95 

MC-254 INDUSTRY ON PARADE 1950. This weekly TV feature newsreel was a Peabody Award Winner, billed as “A brand new look at our America.” Relive a time when industry was full of wonderment and America was the leader. IN THE TELEVISION PICTURE is a behind the scenes look at television, and it’s commercial, educational, and industrial uses. Making commercials, a visit to TV Guide, and the brilliant future TV was to accomplish. HOBBIES FOR BUSINESS OR PLEASURE Model trains, antique autos, cigar store Indians, medieval armor, music, making jewelry, and so much more. SCIENCE OF SMALLNESS In the Aircraft industry, missiles, satellites, television and radio, early computers...smaller parts and products. PLUS, the making of the Sears Catalog, how Hershey Cocoa is made, and order a hamburger from a “futuristic” drive in restaurant. 55 minutes $19.95




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