MC-164 COMMERCIAL-LAND  Are you looking for a full flavored, satisfying collection of commercial classics (and the not so classic) from the 1950's to 1960's? We explored the Moviecraft archives until we completed a reel of commercials that exclaimed  "mmm boy, that's for me!"  Included in this release is a generous serving of commercials advertising cigarettes, beer, Brylcreem, Dentyne, Anacin, soup, cereal, shampoo, soap, telephone, Rolaids, and many, many others.  Remember STAG beer?  Probably not!  How about the 1952 Admiral TV, or the famous Benson & Hedges ads? They are all here, with just "a kiss of the hops." 59 minutes $19.95

MC-273 COMMERCIAL-LAND Volume #2   Want more?  Here they are!!  59 minutes  $19.95

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