MC-002  SOAPERS. A nostalgic look at soap operas of TV's early days. All feature the original commercials. INNER FLAME (3-29-55)GUIDING LIGHT (2-17-53)SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (2-22-52) LOVE OF LIFE (6-9-53) 60 minutes $19.95

MC-057  MORE SOAPERS. Another nostalgic look at the soap operas of yesteryear. Great hokey commercials include Corned Beef Hash Pie, Wizard Spray Deodorizer, Ivory Bar Soap for dishes, Melcalose Tablets, and more. VALIANT LADY (11-2-53)GUIDING LIGHT (5-22-53)SEARCH FOR TOMORROW (4-3-53)LOVE OF LIFE (4-22-52) 60 minutes $19.95

MC-122 GENERAL HOSPITAL 1975. Great episode of this long running ABC soap has Tony Dow of Leave It To beaver fame as a detective investigating a murder. Stars John Berandino, Emily McLaughlin, and Peter Hansen. 22 minutes $14.95

MC-284  SOAPERS Vol. #3  1953-1960.Four complete soap operas from TV's past.  The commercials are a hoot, with some surprise guests!  THE BRIGHTER DAY  1955, 1960  One episode has Dr. Hamilton (Larry Ward) involved in a scandal.  In the other, the daughter graduates college.  SEARCH FOR TOMORROW  1953, 1960.  Look for Don Knotts in a coma on the verge of waking up.  Larry Hagman gives advice to a girl teenager.  You can see the future role of  "J.R." shining through!  Commercials include Cheer, Shasta Shampoo, Mr. Clean, Spic & Span, Ivory Snow, Cascade, and more!  60 minutes.  $19.95

MC-286  SOAPERS  Vol. #4  THE EDGE OF NIGHT 1964/ THE SECRET STORM 1966.  The sagas continue!  EDGE OF NIGHT  Martha (Teri Keane) cancels a dinner date with Bill (Mandel Kramer) to help a sick friend. Liz (Ludi Claire) calls and invites Bill to dinner. Captain Griffin (James Mitchell aka Palmer Cortlandt on All My Children) takes a bribe.  SECRET STORM   Newlyweds Jerry (Peter White) and Hope (Pamela Raymond ) move into a new apartment.  Jealous Matthew (John Colicos) and Sally plot to come between them.  Both prints contain all the original commercials.  60 minutes.  $19.95

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