Our exclusive releases containing rare archival footage from the early days of railroading.

Pictures below are actual scans from our quality videotapes.

MC-071  AMERICAN RAILROAD MEMORIES.  BIG TRAINS ROLLING  1951  At least one shot of every railroad, both steam and diesel.  MAINLINE USA  1955  America rides the rails. See perfection in rail travel. THE PASSENGER TRAIN  1955  A trip on the Santa Fe Chief.   55 minutes COLOR  $19.95

MC-036  CHICAGO AND NORTHWESTERN RAILROAD MEMORIES.   SONG OF THE PIONEER  1948  The story of a railroad’s beginning, from its inception to the first 10 ton engine, the Pioneer. Witness the first rough passenger train at a speedy 15 mph, the first sleeping cars, dining cars up to the Pullman trains. See the line in 1948, steam and diesel footage, the C & NW yard, modern club cars, and diners. Lots of great shots!   SERVICE TO SHIPPERS (Car Fax, 1956) Take a tour of the railroad in 1956 and marvel at the old computerized system for finding cars. A real oldie. See the diesels, freight yard repair yard, and coaches for passengers. Follow a freight shipment from Council Bluffs, IA to Chicago, IL. with plenty of switching, tracing yards and railroad footage for every train buff.   COLOR 55 minutes  $19.95

MC-122 CHICAGO RAILROAD FAIR "WHEELS A-ROLLING" PAGEANT.  1948   The Railroad Fair on Chicago's Lakefront in 1948 celebrated 100 years of railroad progress. WHEELS A-ROLLING is the Pageant Play of the fair, depicting transportation from 1673 to 1948.  The Iron Horse arrives in 1829, with locomotives Rocket, John Bull, and Tom Thumb to name a few.  As we travel through time, many vintage trains are shown.  See the Pioneer in 1848, the Pony Express, and hitting the golden spike when the Union and Central Pacific join their rails.  Famous trains, horse cars, fire engines, autos, and Burlington's Pioneer Zephyr all lead up to a giant steam locomotive and magnificent new diesel of 1948.  We include two versions of the pageant, one produced for the Chicago Railroad Fair by Dudley Films, and another produced by John Ott.  Although similar in nature, there are enough different scenes and angles to warrant including both versions on this tape.  Some home movies of the pageant are also included.  68 minutes  COLOR & b-w  $19.95

MC-109  DANGER LIGHTS  1930  RKO.  Louis Wolheim, Robert Armstrong, Jean Arthur, Hugh Herbert.  Beautifully filmed in several states, this feature film time capsule shows many aspects of the Milwaukee Road during this time.  Maintenance, astounding steam footage, and a railroad race across the midwest at 100 miles per hour to save a dying railroad man.  Robert Armstrong (from King Kong) is the man at the throttle who ends up with the girl, Jean Arthur. 73 minutes  $19.95

MC-56  EASTERN RAILROAD MEMORIES.  A rare selection of railroad films. THE STEAM LOCOMOTIVE NYC  1944  The history of the $200,000 Hudson locomotive, shown inside and out, in action an at rest. To quote the film, "Here is mass action, in peace and war. It ties us together." WHISTLES IN THE NIGHT AAR  1945  Railroad film noir emphasizes passenger service in America during war time. Shows steam and early diesel on Pennsy, Norfolk & Western and B & O. Romance on the rails.  SEABOARD: NEW HORIZONS  1948  Colorful  story of the southeast and the Seaboard, a promo for industry to come south with Seaboard being the prime mover. The last of steam and early "Silver Meteor" being shown. Lots of operations, freight and passenger  58 minutes COLOR and b-w  $19.95

 MC-073  ELECTRIC RAILROAD MEMORIES.   WHY THE SNCF CONVERTED TO ELECTRIC  1957  Shows early steam, maintenance, and all aspects of steam locomotives during that time. Also illustrates building and operation of early electric locomotives in France. Plus, a segment from the TV show You Asked For It about these high speed electric locomotives circa 1955. 50 minutes COLOR and b-w $19.95

MC-55   FRENCH & BRITISH RAILROAD MEMORIES.  Three interesting selections highlighting European railroads.  FRANCE ON THE MOVE  1972  Fascinating scenes of the French rail system. Many shots from the cab with the train going in excess of 100 mph. Take a ride on the Paris-Brussels Express and the Capitole. Includes dining cars with meals and microwaves, sleeper express, and bringing along your car. These advanced trains have automatic doors, air suspension, the ultimate comforts. Spotless modern stations for the Metro trains. See super fast Turbo trains with speeds of 200 mph. Aerotrains with no tracks, and other prototypes. MUSEUM OF BRITISH TRANSPORT (1965) Joe Brown at Clapham. Songs of the railroad and the history, from the "Rocket" up; also rails in Britain. The story of steam unfolds, and a glimpse of the museum primes you for phenomenal archival motion pictures taking you from a London corner in 1899 to switching yards, WWI troop trains, speeding steam and streamliners, including the Silver Jubilee Express and others, railway workshops, and dismantling the steam locos as Diesel takes over. An unusual musical rendition of British railroad history. PACIFIC 231 (1949) Winner of the Cannes Film Festival, this wondrous film captures the days of steam in France--the sights, the sounds, and the beauty of steam train 231 in non-stop action. Recommended!  52 minutes COLOR and b-w  $19.95

MC-111 MODERN RAILROADING OF THE 1960'S.   Practically every line is represented in these AAR films, expertly narrated by Chet Huntley. NEW DIRECTIONS IN MODERN RAILROADING  Lots of railroad operations from the period, including welded seamless rails, curve reductions, passenger travel, custom car building, auto transport systems, piggybacks, unit trains and more. SCIENCE RIDES THE HIGH IRON Includes a look at prototypes, including atomic trains, central tracking control systems, and switching.  There is containerization, diesel shops, maintenance & washing, dome cars, and much, much more.  A fine look at 60's railroading. 55 minutes COLOR  $19.95

MC-35  SUPER SANTA FE SELECTIONS.  A wonderful collection of Santa Fe films.  PLAY IT SAFE  1953  is narrated by Fahey Flynn. Fine scenes of the Chicago yards and the story of a young smart alec told by the old timer. Dangerous safety practices are illustrated while you see excellent train footage. Wrong ways of mounting engines, three on a footboard, switching, riding on top, setting brakes are all shown. Look for the 1951 Pontiac portable theater mobile safety unit painted like the trains!  WHEAT  from 1956 features John Ott. It's the story of bread, from its planting to shipping on the Santa Fe. See the freight yards, loading the wheat, switching, 100 or more cars hooked to the Santa Fe diesels. Bread, from field to grocery store.  SUPERCHIEF  1948  Santa Fe's introduction to the Superchief. Take a ride from Chicago to California and experience the beautiful accommodations, dome cars, and interiors. A wonderful 1940s train trip.  55 minutes COLOR  $19.95

MC-034  THEM THAR TRAINS #1.  Rare train safety films from the steam days. SAFETY IN RAILROADING  from the Nickel Plate Road circa 1947. The story of Fred, a likable guy and a newcomer to railroading, and the seasoned old timer. Fred, it seems, is a bit careless, and some amusing mistakes lead to a tragedy when the mistake nearly costs him his life. The old timer shows how to get on a moving caboose, get off freight cars, how to step down between cars, how to get locomotives safely, both steam and diesel. Some great shots of trains of the period. SAFETY IN RAILROADING  from the Missouri Pacific. Lots of trains, looking for moving cars, coupling with engines, steam locomotives, car crossings, near wrecks with 1930s cars, torpedoes, signals, and lots more. 50 minutes COLOR  $19.95

MC-44 THEM THAR TRAINS #2.   A fine selection of unique train films.  WHY RISK YOUR LIFE (circa 1945) The Great Northern Railroad showing steam and some diesel plus all their yards from St. Paul to the Northwest. Non-stop train yard footage as you see problems with kids, crossing tracks, getting off engines, switching hazards, sleet, snow, icy conditions, new streamlined passenger cars, stopping train accidents, and lots more! PROGRESS ON THE RAILS  1952  The Pennsylvania Railroad from the Iron Horse of the 1850s to 1952. The development of the train plus today's twin unit diesels, steam and electric trains. See servicing and go along with the engineer in the cab. The auto speed control is demonstrated. Also shown is the dragging equipment detector, working on roadbeds, rail detector cars with x-ray, eliminating tunnels, building freight and passenger cars. The Penn Station in New York in 1950. Famous trains, including Trail Blazer, American, Broadway and more.  Plus, two bonus films: RAILROAD YARDS (Penn Central)  and STEAM ENGINES.  55 minutes  $19.95


MC-038   UNION PACIFIC MEMORIES.   THE LAST OF THE GIANTS.  The age of steam.  A nostalgic look at the BIG BOY...the most majestic and largest of the steam locomotives.  Wonderful railroad scenes of yesterday!  THE HUMAN SIDE  1950.  See Union Pacific Railroad operations during this time.  "Poor Joe" wrongfully abuses customers in various jobs. The ultimate railroader's disgrace  occurs when Joe tells a customer to "take the plane!"  50 minutes  COLOR $19.95








MC-041 WESTERN RAILROAD MEMORIES.   A collection unequaled in its rarity  STREAMLINED (circa 1947) 4-8-4 steam locomotives bring the rhythm of the railroad. The Silver Streak, and steam locomotives being "streamlined." The making of and wondrous shots of stainless steel passenger cars, inside and out. Great views from the cab at high speeds in a Santa Fe diesel passenger train. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU  1946  Santa Fe. Safety for the right of way worker during the steam days. Running a motor car too fast through the yards, racing autos, not watching for trains. See at night, laying track, railroad bridge work, with steam and diesel footage. STOP, LOOK, AND LISTEN  1945  Santa Fe. The story of George Mathews, a family man who will lose his life in an hour! See proper ways of descending from a steam locomotive, coupling between cars, setting brakes, and lots of yard footage. George is killed by a Santa Fe Superchief. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN  1945  Southern Pacific. Working in the shop, safety equipment, a "hammer gang," the roundhouse, repair on beautiful Southern Pacific steam locomotives, including the majestic "Daylight," driving wheel repair, straightening lumber loads. Danger atop steam locomotives during maintenance. Great scenes!  55 minutes COLOR and b-w  $19.95

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