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MC-144 DICK TRACY  1951.  This television series was the last motion picture work of Ralph Byrd, who died an untimely death August 18, 1952.  Ralph Byrd was made famous in the role of Tracy from the serials of the 1930's and 1940's, to the features for R.K.O.  Two fine episodes of this series are featured on this tape, with Tracy taking on the infamous Mole, played by Raymond Hatton.  San Catchen, Tracy's assistant, is played by Joe Devlin.  Look for Lois Collier as the gorgeous Fluff!  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-091DRAGNET: THE EARLIEST EPISODES 1951-52  Here are the FIRST and SECOND episodes of Dragnet featuring Jack Webbs first sidekick, Barton Yarborough, who was also on the radio series.  Both are exceptional episodes.  THE HUMAN BOMB 12/16/51 Raymond Burr appears in the first show about a maniac with a bomb. THE BIG ACTOR 1/3/52 In the second episode, Friday and Sgt. Romero look for stolen drugs.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-275 DRAGNET: MORE EARLIEST EPISODES   1952, 1954. Jack Webb and his partner fight crime in Los Angeles, California. THE BIG MOTHER 1/30/52 (the 4th episode)  After Barton Yarborough died unexpectedly during the filming of the 3rd episode, Friday's partner became Sgt. Ed Jacobs, played by Barney Phillips.  Friday and Sgt. Jacobs search for a newborn baby taken from the nursery at Mercy Hospital.  THE BIG GIRL 4/1/54  Sixteen victims are beaten senseless and robbed…by a tall, beautiful woman!  Look for Carolyn Jones, who has an eye for Friday!  This early b-w episode has sidekick Ben Alexander, who continued as Friday's partner until the end of the b-w series.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-032 DRAGNET 1953-54. Jack Webb stars as the famous Sergeant Joe Friday, with his sidekick Officer Frank Smith, played by Ben Alexander. THE FALSE MAKE 5/27/54  Frances Bavier (later Aunt Bee in Andy Griffith) is interrogated about a young robbery suspect.  A supermarket owner "made" the wrong suspect.  THE BIG LEASE 5/14/53  Friday discovers a businessman is missing...permanently! Charles Dillion's murderer is identified by the signature on a lease. 55 minutes  $19.95

MC-276  DRAGNET  Volume #2  1953-54.  Jack Webb and his partner, Ben Alexander, fight crime in Los Angeles, California. BIG FRAUD 9/2/54  Friday goes undercover to capture some con artists posing as cops and shaking down out of towners for money. When you act like a bad cop you make all cops look bad, and we know Sgt. Friday won't stand for that!  BIG WILL 11/12/53  On the night watch of the homicide division, Friday and his partner investigate a shooting that results in murder.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-227 FOLLOW THAT MAN (MAN AGAINST CRIME) 1953.  Ralph Bellamy plays the hard boiled detective Mike Barnett, using his fists to solve crimes in this action packed show. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS  Murder aboard a speeding train as Mike infiltrates a counterfeit ring. Guest stars Audrey Meadows and Jack Lord.  HITCH HEISTERS Two hitch-hiking babes rob the guys who pick them up, and the scam leads to murder! 55 minutes  $19.95

MC-142 GANGBUSTERS  1951.   Adapted from the radio program of the same name, Gangbusters tells stories based on true crime files.  Exceptional early television, with a "Still at Large" segment at the end showing wanted criminals.  This could be the start of America's Most Wanted.  BLOND TIGRESS and LAWRENCE CASE  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-236  GANGBUSTERS   VOL. #2  1951.  This exceptional police crime fighting series contains stories based on true crime files.  Originating as a radio series, and later brought to television, you won’t find better early TV police action.  Violent and realistic for 50’s television.   SCHAFFER AND STALEY  A pretty girl and a fairytale wedding are too good to be true when the groom double-crosses two vicious hoodlums. SCISSORS GANG  A tough gang that likes to hurt people goes on a crime spree and must be stopped at all costs. .  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-237  RACKET SQUAD  1951.  Reed Hadley plays Capt. John Braddock, your host in this crime series that tells of rackets...the confidence game.  You will see the people who will “slap your back with one hand, and pick your pocket with the other.  LONG SHOT  with original Pall Mall cigarette commercials.  A Truck Driver’s mom buys an Irish Sweepstakes ticket that wins, but she doesn’t know it’s bogus, and the crooks want it back. Look for Bob Rockwell (Mr. Boynton in Our Miss Brooks) and Noel Neil (Lois Lane in Superman) in this episode.  TWO FOR ONE  A normally honest businessman (John Eldredge) close to bankruptcy tries for easy money when he is offered $20,000 in counterfeit money for $10,000 in legitimate currency.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-238  RACKET SQUAD  VOL. #2  1951.  Reed Hadley plays Capt. John Braddock, your host in this crime series that tells of rackets...the confidence game.  You will see the people who will “slap your back with one hand, and pick your pocket with the other.  HOME WRECKERS  Lawyer impersonator and his assistant (Joi Lansing) take advantage of estranged couples by encouraging divorce and charging exorbitant fees.  STRICTLY LEGAL.  A likable salesman sells elaborate patios and home improvements to unsuspecting homeowners, with the ultimate goal obtaining their property through foreclosure.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-009 I’M THE LAW  1953.  Talk about atmosphere! George Raft is Lieutenant George Kirby of the New York Police Department. Raft was known for his gangster roles, but in this series he was a good guy.  FATHER KILLER You’ll never guess the killer!  SHOPLIFTING RING Where a family helps themselves!  55 minutes  $19.95





MC-117  MAN BEHIND THE BADGE  1955.  Hosted by Charles Bickford, stories of the men and women who risk their lives to protect the people. True depictions based on official law enforcement records.  CASE OF THE BIG BREAK  A family comes across with a smart insurance investigator when they try to fake an accident in a theater. With Dick Cutting, Wally Brown, and Claire Carleton.  BLACK SHEEP  A rash of safe robberies puts two officers, specialists in “safe crackers,” on the case. You’ll never guess who it is! With Tom McKee, Russ Comway, Christopher Dark, and Francis Morris.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-084 MR. AND MRS. NORTH  1953.  Richard Denning and Barbara Britton star. The adventures of Jerry North, one time private eye turned publisher, and his beautiful wife, Pamela.  TRAINED FOR MURDER and MILLION DOLLAR COFFIN. One episode is complete with all commercials as aired in 1953  58 minutes  $19.95 .

MC-167  MYSTERY THEATER: MARK SABER OF THE HOMICIDE SQUAD  1951.  Tom Conway is Mark Saber, a detective for the New York Police Department, Homicide Division.  James Burke plays Sergeant Tim Maloney.   THE LOCKED ROOM  Why would a man with a new wife and everything to live for commit suicide in a locked room?  Mark Saber unwinds the complicated murder plot.  CASE OF THE HANGING HUSBAND.  A husband tells Mark Saber his wife is trying to kill him.  When the husband is found hanging in the shower, Saber is the only one who can figure out what really happened.   55 minutes  $19.95

MC-126 SHERLOCK HOLMES  1954.  In 1890’s London Sherlock attempts to solve baffling criminal acts through deductive reasoning with his roommate and biographer, Dr. Watson.  Excellent series stars Ronald Howard and H. Marion Crawford.  CASE OF THE SPLIT TICKET  An Irish Sweepstakes winning ticket split between three people leads to a disappearance only Holmes can solve.  CASE OF THE SLEEPING VIOLIN  As her wedding day nears a beautiful young woman is terrified by a ghost at her bedside.  Is she mad?  When her husband is murdered, Holmes must unravel the mystery. 55 minutes $19.95

MC-241 TREASURY MEN IN ACTION (FEDERAL MEN) 1954. The Chief (Walter Greaza) brings you true stories based on the files of the United States Customs and Treasury Departments. CASE OF THE SHOT IN THE DARK  A psychopathic ex-con (Charles Bronson)  terrorizes his wife while trying to make it big smuggling heroin. US Customs agents put their life on the line to stop this madman. Also starring Randy Stewart, Jay Adler, and Tom McKee.  CASE OF DEADLY DILEMMA  An undercover Secret Service agent (Charles Bronson)  joins the gangster underworld to uncover a counterfeiting ring.  His position is threatened when he is given a contract to “rub out” a man, which of course he cannot do!  Also starring Lewis Charles and Ralph Moody.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-202  HOLLYWOOD OFFBEAT (STEVE RANDALL)  1952.  Melvyn Douglas stars as the suave private eye Steve Randall, a wrongfully disbarred lawyer, who seeks to clear his name to practice law again.  THE INHERITORS  A will written on a piece of a woman’s slip and a fortune in cash lead to murder.  THE WITNESS  When Randall finds the man he is looking for dead, he explores the night club underworld to find the killer.  55 minutes  $19.95

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