MC-85 ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER (1953) Interplanetary adventure starring Richard Crane as Rocky, beautiful Sally Mansfield as Vena, and Scotty Beckett as Winky. BEYOND THE CURTAIN OF SPACE Rocky and Winky's mission is to save a scientist held against his will on a hostile planet, with their new assistant, Vena. This is the FIRST feature length adventure of the series. 72 minutes Order No: MC-085 $19.95

MC-86 ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER VOLUME #2 (1953) Interplanetary adventure starring Richard Crane as Rocky, beautiful Sally Mansfield as Vena, and Scotty Beckett as Winky. In BOBBY'S COMET, Mysterious missiles sent from one of Jupiter's moon are crashing into Earth. Rocky and the crew land on and explore this forbidden world to find the source of destruction. 72 minutes Order No: MC-086 $19.95

ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER VOLUME #3 (1954) Fight interplanetary evil with Richard Crane as Rocky Jones, chief of the Space Rangers in the 21st century. Lovely Sally Mansfield plays Rocky's assistant Vena Ray. Scotty Beckett is Winky, Rocky's comical sidekick. It's the Space Rangers against devious space pirates in the three part episode PIRATES OF PRAH. 78 minutes Order No: MC-087 $19.95

ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER VOLUME #4. More interplanetary action with Richard Crane as Rocky, beautiful Sally Mansfield as Vena, and Scotty Beckett as Winky.  ESCAPE INTO SPACE A racketeer dealing in "tarantula weed" is saved from his crippled spaceship by Rocky and his crew. They visit the planet Fornax where a Halloween type celebration invokes a confession from the superstitious criminal.  KIP'S PRIVATE WAR A convicted criminal's son finds respect for the law by rescuing Rocky and the crew from Pinto Vortando, a tyrant of universal proportions. Order No: MC-147 $19.95 55 minutes

ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER VOLUME #5 FORBIDDEN MOON  Rocky, crew, and the professor (Maurice Cass) explore the Forbidden Moon, a place from where no one has returned. They must find the antidote for a terrible sickness that Agar, the ruler of Medina, has unknowingly released on his own planet. Agar believes he can harness the sickness, which would give him power over the entire universe! 78 minutes Order No: MC-149 $19.95

ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER VOLUME #6 ROCKY'S ODYSSEY Rocky & crew visit the strange inhabitants from the two moons Posito and Negato who are unwilling to live in peace with each other. Don't miss Rocky's plight as he is caught under the spell of the terrible "Negato Music" which turns people mad! Can out two fisted interplanetary heroes become diplomats? 78 minutes Order No: MC-150 $19.95

ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER VOLUME #7 CRASH OF THE MOONS Two moons, Posito and Ophiucius, are on a collision course. Rocky and crew fight all odds, including a hideous gas chamber, to rescue the inhabitants of the moons before they crash. Guest star John Banner. 78 minutes Order No: MC-151 $19.95

MC-264 ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER Volume #8 1954. Outer space adventure stars Richard Crane as Rocky, with Sally Mansfield as Vena, Bobby Lyden as Bobby, and Scott Becket as Winky. SILVER NEEDLE IN THE SKY Cleolanta, wicked ruler of the planet Ophiucius, is at it again! Since nobody invited her to the interplanetary peace conference, she decides to suffocate Rocky and all the ambassadors. Maybe the invitation was lost in the mail? 78 minutes. $19.95

FLASH GORDON (1953) and THE JOE PALOOKA STORY (1954)  FLASH GORDON A low budget B-movie "pulp"-style science fiction adventure starring Steve Holland as Flash and Irene Champlin as Dale. In this episode our heroes discover a planet ruthlessly dominated by women! ¨ THE JOE PALOOKA STORY With Joe Kirkwood, Jr. as Joe and "Slapsie" Maxie Rosenbloom as his pal, taking time off from their vacation to help some admiring kids raise money for their summer camp. Order No: MC-023 $19.95 60 minutes

THE PENDULUM (1956) This excellent but overlooked series, hosted by John Bentey, had a definite "Hitchcockian" flavor as well as a fatalistic viewpoint, expounded in its prologue: "The pendulum swings, and destiny weaves a pattern. The story of people who could not stop The Pendulum. ¨ THE PRICE OF VANITY Young Christopher Lee, a greedy and ambitious art dealer, enters into a path of destruction when he thinks he discovered a lost "Madonna," actually painted by a local starving artist. ¨ DEATH ON THE BOARDS A ballerina who can no longer dance engages a young understudy from a concentration camp behind the Iron Curtain. When her husband falls for the younger woman, she seeks appropriate revenge. Order No: MC-061 $19.95 58 minutes

ONE STEP BEYOND: VOL. 1 (1959) John Newland is our guide into "the world of the unknown" as strange, frightening and unexplainable true events are dramatized in terms of realistic human experience. ¨ DELUSION Norman Lloyd stars as a man with an extremely rare blood type who, in an emergency, donates it to a beautiful woman (a very young Susanne Pleschette), then discovers that he can predict the future--and her death! ¨ ECHO Opens with a man acquitted of his wife's murder, but when he sees his future in a mirror, he is driven to reveal the true killer. Ross Martin (Wild, Wild West) stars with Ed Kemmer (Space Patrol) in this bizarre tale of guilt and precognition. Order No: MC-066 $19.95 60 minutes

ONE STEP BEYOND: VOLUME 2 (1959)  THE DREAM Reginald Owen is a home guardsman who has a curiously significant dream during the night of the British evacuation of Dunkirk. ¨ FORKED LIGHTENING Starring Ralph Nelson, who investigates a double premonition where two strangers know death will find them at the end of the day. Order No: MC-068A $19.95 60 minutes

ONE STEP BEYOND VOLUME #3 (1959) John Newland invites you to take the astonishing step into the "World of the Unknown" with strange, unexplainable, and frightening true events. ¨ EARTHQUAKE The incredible human document of a bellboy who predicted the San Francisco earthquake in 1806, but no one believed his premonition. David Opatoshu stars as the meek but courageous man who still saves the people willing to listen. ¨ LONELY ROOM In an exploration of the doppelganger phenomena, a handsome bashful man is unable to approach the beautiful woman next door. When he finally gets up nerve, to his dismay he sees "himself" courting the girl and taking her to romantic places. Will the double image of himself replace him entirely? Stars Fabrizio Mioni, Carl Esmond, and Lisa Montell. Order No: MC-175 $19.95 55 minutes

MC-283  ONE STEP BEYOND Vol. #4  1959.  John Newland hosts stories of the bizarre and paranormal.  BRAINWAVE A drunken seaman aboard a WW2 battleship uses his medical training to perform a delicate operation on his captain with the help of the supernatural.  Stars George Grizzard, Whit Bissell, Tod Andrews, and Ray Bailey.  THE RETURN OF MITCHELL CAMPION  A man goes to an island he never visited before and finds everyone know him, including a beautiful woman.  Stars Patrick O'Neal, Lilyan Chauvin, and Richard Angarola.  55 minutes  $19.95

UNAIRED PILOT SHOWS--NOW IS TOMORROW (1958) and SWINGIN' TOGETHER (1960) ¨ NOW IS TOMORROW Robert Culp stars in an unaired TV pilot to rival any Twilight Zone episode. Atomic bomb paranoia at its most frightening! Discover a strange breed of men in control of nuclear weapons who have the power to press the button that could destroy the world! ¨ SWINGIN' TOGETHER On the lighter side, a rollicking romp with a band looking for gigs across the country in their beat-out bus. Starring Bobby Rydell, James Dunn and guest star (a very young) Stephanie Powers. Order No: MC-16 $19.95 60 minutes

TOM CORBETT, SPACE CADET 1952. "Kellogg's Pep, the build up wheat cereal invites you to rocket into the future with- TOM CORBETT... SPACE CADET" This series delighted children for close to 5 years on virtually all the networks in the 50's. Frankie Thomas Jr. stars as Tom Corbett, with Al Markim and Jan Merlin. Four 15 minute shows complete with commercials. One chapter involves landing a damaged spaceship on Mars, among other adventures. Order No: MC-285 60 minutes. $19.95 

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