MC-024  I REMEMBER MAMA (1949) and RACQUET SQUAD (1950)   I REMEMBER MAMA Popular live show about a close Norwegian family in 1917. Peggy Wood plays Mama, and this show contains the old Maxwell House commercials. In this episode, Mama is ashamed of her new eyeglasses, but all turns out well.  RACQUET SQUAD Reed Hadley plays John Braddock, a tireless public official after the bad guys running a confidence game. This show has some real characters who pull a sting operation on a greedy old man. 60 minutes $19.95

MC-077  JANET DEAN: REGISTERED NURSE (1954) The exciting cases of Janet Dean (played by Ella Raines), a private duty nurse who seeks the facts behind her patients problems.  APPLE CASE,   GARCIA CASE  One show stars '50s heartthrob Sal Mineo in his first television appearance. 55 minutes $19.95

MC-008  THE LORETTA YOUNG SHOW (1956, 1957) Who can forget beautiful Loretta Young's swirling entrance in those lovely '50's fashions? SOMEBODY ELSE'S DREAM,   SO BRIGHT THE LIGHT  Two great shows. 55 minutes  $19.95

MC-171  THE LORETTA YOUNG SHOW  VOLUME #2  (1959, 1960)  Beautiful Loretta Young hosts and stars in these exceptional episodes.  ALIEN LOVE  Loretta plays a high school principal who finds the new physics teacher should not be judged by looks alone.  Walter Slezak co-stars.  QUIET DESPERATION  Loretta is a housewife who realizes home is where the heart is when her husband seeks a new job position in Japan.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-172  THE LORETTA YOUNG SHOW  VOLUME #3 (1960)  Beautiful Loretta Young hosts and stars in these exceptional episodes.  CONDITIONAL SURRENDER  Loretta shows a clever wife can see through her husband!  When  husband (John Newland) asks for a divorce, Loretta's comical solution is to stop cooking and doing household chores while she shows her husband with the wandering eye life won't be easy without her!  Co-staring Patricia Blair.  THE LONG NIGHT  Loretta and her family have new neighbors in the house next door.  A tragedy leads to the highly emotional climax, showing a man should recognize and love his wife in this fragile world. 55 minutes   $19.95

MC-260  THE LORETTA YOUNG SHOW  Volume #4  1960, 1955.  Beautiful Loretta Young stars in these exceptional episodes.  FAIR EXCHANGE  Advice for Loretta’s best friend leads to the story of a stolen kiss in the night by an admiring neighbor.  CLARA SCHULMAN  Clara, a talented concert pianist, marries composer Robert Schulman in 1840.  Follow the joys and tragedies endured while married to a creative genius. Co-stars George Nader. First show has commercials intact! 57 minutes   $19.95

MC-011  MEDIC (1954) Dr. Konrad Styner is played by Richard Boone in this series that dealt with some controversial subjects for the time.  FLASH OF DARKNESS A chilling look at what would happen if the atomic bomb was dropped on an American city. LAUGHING IS A BOY Shows a boy in need of plastic surgery. The last episode has all the original commercials  $19.95

MC-267  NATALIE WOOD'S LOST TV APPEARANCES: FOUR STAR PLAYHOUSE-THE WILD BUNCH, PEPSI COLA PLAYHOUSE- PLAYMATES  1954.  Charles Boyer stars in THE WILD BUNCH.  Charles marries a beautiful woman…who forgot to mention she has three teenage children. The oldest is Natalie Wood (who when going to a party is reminiscent of her role in Rebel Without a Cause).  Charles saves her from Johnny, a sleazy boyfriend, while he handles all the children with charm, wit, and wisdom. Singer commercials included.  Alan Napier stars in PLAYMATES.  Natalie Wood is a lonely child who finds friends in one room of their sprawling mansion.  Her Uncle starts to hear the voices of the "Playmates," and discovers they are ghosts!  Eerie!   56 minutes    $19.95

MC-114  SCHLITZ PLAYHOUSE OF STARS (1953)  Great shows containing all the original Schlitz commercials. Excellent performances, the best of early TV. CLOSED DOOR Stars Gene Lockhart aired 11-27-53  NO COMPROMISE Stars Stephen McNally aired 12-11-53.  60 minutes  $19.95

MC-090  TELEPHONE TIME (1957) This popular series was based on true events. All commercials intact.  STRANDED Hosted by John Nesbitt and starring Bette Davis as a teacher who saves the lives of her pupils during a terrible storm. Look for Ed Byrnes in a minor role.   NOVEL APPEAL Stars Claudette Colbert as an author who frees an innocent man from prison. John Carradine is among the guest stars. This show is hosted by Dr. Frank Baxter, and there is a promo for Our Mr. Sun (see MC-53). 60 minutes   $19.95



MC-148  TELEPHONE TIME VOLUME #2  (1956, 1957) Excellent popular series based on true events.  Uplifting stories hosted by John Nesbitt, with all commercials intact in these full network versions.  BOARDERS AWAY (1956) The WW2  story of Captain Dan Gallery.  He convinced his superiors he could capture a German U-boat.  See the top secret preparation, the planning for booby traps, and the actual boarding and capturing of the U-505 German submarine.  This harrowing feat led to the capture of the German code books which helped shorten the war. This episode stars Arthur Space, James Dobson, and look for Scotty Beckett ("Winky" from Rocky Jones).  BULLET LOU KIRN (1957) Alan Baxter plays Lou Kirn, a Navy football star in 1931, a Squadron Commander during WW2, and a man faced with his biggest challenge in 1954...a dread form of paralysis.  During this personal battle he reaches out to save a paralyzed boy (young Johnny Crawford from "Rifleman").  A true story of courage--Kirn promises to walk if the boy will walk too!  Also starring Harold J. Stone and Herbert Rudley.60 minutes  $19.95

MC-154  UNAIRED PILOTS VOL. #2: DAN'L BOONE and FREMONT THE TRAILBLAZER  (1955, 1956)  The TV series that never made it. Can you figure out why?  DAN'L BOONE Bruce Bennett plays the famed frontiersman, with Lon Chaney Jr. as the Shawnee Chief "Blackfish."  Daniel is in the middle of an Indian uprising caused by crooked white men.  He proves his worth by running through rows of tomahawk-wielding Indians. The chief and Daniel become friends when he saves the Chief's son.  Action abounds, for peace can come to Doonsboro only if the treacherous traitor is found.  FREMONT THE TRAILBLAZER  Follow the exploits of the explorer where "from the ashes of his campfire have sprung cities."  Fremont (Steve Cochran) leaves a beautiful woman (Barbara Wilson)  to record trails of land seen only by Mountain Men. Kit Carson (James Gavin) helps guide Fremont through untamed wilderness where they find Soo Indians, a viciously slaughtered scout left to warn those who proceed, and an endless desert.  This is just a sampling of the adventure Fremont and Kit encounter on their ongoing adventure. 60 minutes  $19.95

MC-081 WIRE SERVICE  (1956) THE DEEP END  Adventure series takes you along on the global investigations of wire service reporters for the Trans Globe News.  A teenager in a sinister hot rod stalks victims on the road and murders them!  Boys will be boys!  This episode stars George Brent as reporter Gene Evans, with Margaret Hayes and Larry Pennell. 55 minutes  $19.95

MC-270  WIRE SERVICE  (1956)   Mercedes McCambridge stars as reporter Kate Wells.  Episode: HIDEOUT  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-312 THE DUPONT SHOW with JUNE ALLISON (1960) June Allison leads as a movie star who loses her sight, but she discovers, through the help of a friend (Robert Culp), she can accept her fate and lead a rewarding life. Episode: So Dim The Light  29 minutes  $14.95






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