MC-047  THE ADVENTURES OF HIRAM HOLIDAY  1956  and THE HANK MCCUNE SHOW  1950.  THE ADVENTURES OF HIRAM HOLIDAY Wally Cox (formerly Mr. Peepers) returns as Hiram Holiday, a newspaper proofreader who is rewarded with a trip around the world because he found an error and prevents a lawsuit. Comedy and adventure in MOROCCO.  THE HANK MCCUNE SHOW  Hank McCune plays the host of a television show who blunders into all kinds of comic predicaments in THE PRIZE. This is the first show with a “canned” or added laugh track. 55 minutes   $19.95

MC-221 ALL STAR REVUE. 1951.  Starring Jimmy Durante. Guest star Ethyl Barrymore. An absolute laugh fest. Jimmy takes over the set including riding on the cameraman’s dolly!  Durante at his best, as he ad-lib’s up a storm in this live TV comedy extravaganza. 55 min.  $19.95

MC-274  THE BETTY HUTTON SHOW (GOLDIE) 1959.  Popular screen star Betty Hutton has her own situation comedy, with co-star Tom Conway.  Betty is a former showgirl who is guardian of three children and a millionaire's estate.  Elaborate styles and sets, as well as plenty of laughs.  JENNY  Goldie and her friends help a little girl find her mother before she is sent to an orphans home.  GOLDIE AND THE TYCOON  A woman in charge of some land is stopping an important housing project.  Goldie figures by getting her a man (the answer to a maidens dream), she will be more receptive to the community. Betty wears some beautiful dresses in this episode. 55 minutes  $19.95
 MC-281  THE GALE STORM SHOW (OH, SUSANNA) 1956.  Gale Storm plays Susanna Pomeroy, the social director the luxury liner S.S.Ocean Queen. Her good friend in the series is the beauty salon operator Esmeralda "Nugey" Nugent (ZaSu Pitts).  Stuffy Captain Huxley (Roy Roberts) is always finding the girls in trouble.  Look for Jimmy Fairfax as Cedric, the ship's steward. THE MAGICIAN  Susanna hires a magician, not knowing he is a hopeless kleptomaniac who steals from the passengers. SUSANNA STRIKES BACK  Susanna wins a contest where she is a guest on the ship, NOT an employee!  How will the Captain handle this?  55 min $19.95

MC-022 GEORGE GOBEL SHOW and TED MACK AMATEUR HOUR 1954. GEORGE GOBEL SHOW  We all remember good old lonesome George and his wife on the show, Peggy King. Cute skits, lots of laughs, and they were all live! Look for the guest appearance of beautiful Irish McCalla (who starred in the TV series Sheena Queen of the Jungle). TED MACK AMATEUR HOUR (commercials intact) Best of early live TV as amateur performers show their talents. In this show there is a one-legged dancer who is actually quite good!  58 minutes $19.95

MC-46  UNCLE JOE  1941.  This features stars a young Gale Storm, Zasu Pitts, and  Slim Summerville. Made by the John Deere Company to be shown at state fairs, the comedy program was shown to get prospects “into the tent” to sell them tractors. The story revolves around a teenager, an eccentric inventor farmer with crazy inventions, and a radio soap opera jingle contest where the prize is the only hope to save Zazu Pitts from being evicted from her farm. Campy teenagers, hot rods, jokes, and a radio show with great 1940s music. 55 minutes  $19.95

MC-112  THE BOB CUMMINGS SHOW (LOVE THAT BOB) 1958.  Two episodes with commercials contain the adventures of Bob Collins, a bachelor photographer in Hollywood who will avoid marriage at any cost.  Rosemary DeCamp, Dwayne Hickman, Ann B. Davis, and a bevy of beauties also star.  BOB RESTORES MALE SUPREMACY and BOB FREES SCHULTZY  60 minutes  $19.95

MC-120  THE BOB CUMMINGS SHOW (LOVE THAT BOB) Volume #2  1955, 1958.  Two hilarious shows with Winston cigarette commercials.  THE SHEIK Bob helps a bird watcher (Nancy Kulp) land a man by making her beautiful!  This episode contains great "silent movie" takeoff with Bob as the Sheik, and a harem of pretty girls (including Joi Lansing). One of our favorites!  BOB AND SCHULTZY REUNITE Bob has a new secretary, but a gorgeous blonde (Barbara Nichols) just can't replace Schultzy. This series also stars Rosemary DeCamp, Dwayne Hickman, and Ann B. Davis.  60 minutes  $19.95

MC-134  THE BOB CUMMINGS SHOW (LOVE THAT BOB) Volume #3  1958.  BOB & THE DUMB BLONDE  Bob's sister Margaret (Rosemary DeCamp) lets Schultzy off temporarily so she can pursue her man (Dick Wesson).  Margaret re-hires a gorgeous blonde (Barbara Nichols) who has proven in her last employment the best she can do is turn the office topsy turvey!  BOB JUDGES A BEAUTY CONTEST Bob wants to be the judge of an Air Force beauty  contest, but how can he get the job away from heart throb Peter Lawford?  Nancy Kulp also stars.  Both shows complete with commercials, and the usual gorgeous models. 60 minutes  $19.95

MC-135  THE BOB CUMMINGS SHOW (LOVE THAT BOB) Volume #4  1958.  BOB HELPS ANNA MARIA Bob isn't looking forward to photographing Anna Maria Albergetti, an opera star, unaware that she is gorgeous!  Anna gets into character acting like the wild, sensual gypsy in the opera Carmen...which is more than even Bob can handle!  Guest star Shiela Graham.  BOB GOES BIRD WATCHING Bob finds all bird watchers are not like Pamela (Nancy Kulp).  When he gets an eye full of Pamela's gorgeous bird watcher friend, he becomes an immediate enthusiast.  Look for beautiful Joi Lansing among his models, and a surprise appearance by Charles Coburn.  Both shows contain commercials. 60 minutes $19.95

MC-136  THE BOB CUMMINGS SHOW (LOVE THAT BOB) Volume #5  1955, 1958.  A favorite on the series is Josh Collins, Bob's father, also played by Bob Cummings.  This woman chasing senior citizen will win your heart with his comical antics.  GRANDPA'S CHRISTMAS VISIT Grandpa is tiring out the family during the holidays with his late nights and early mornings.  Bob and Margaret try to slow him down with an evening of checkers.  Grandpa, however, takes out Bob's gorgeous date (Gloria Marshall), and Bob ends up with the checker game.  GRANDPA'S OLD BUDDY Grandpa gets together with an old war buddy (Andy Clyde).  Looking for dates, they take Bob's models (beautiful Joi Lansing and Lisa Gaye) to Palm Springs...and in an antique car!  Nancy Kulp also guest stars.  All commercials intact. 60 minutes $19.95

MC-017  BOB HOPE COMEDY HOUR  1950. Rare live musical variety including all the original Frigidare commercials. This show was Bob’s third appearance on TV, with an all GI audience and the troupe from his WW2 tour. Included are Marilyn Maxwell, Les Brown and his “Band of Renown,” The Taylor Maids, Hi Hatters, Judy Kelly, and Nelson Case. Fabulous! 60 minutes  $19.95

MC-191 THE BUICK BERLE SHOW 1954.  Presented by your Buick dealers, featuring the 1954 Buick. Guest stars Gloria DeHaven, Fred Clark, Ruth Gilbert, and Arnold Stang. An astounding hour of comedy, music, and mayhem with Mr.Television, Milton Berle. The network will cancel Berle if he doesn’t lose weight. He thinks he is overweight due to a faulty scale. His hunger follows him everywhere! He will eat ANYTHING! Gloria DeHaven sings and dances to the hit song “Papa Love Mambo.” The finale with Gloria DeHaven and Milton Berle (now weak and hungry) singing “This Can’t be Love” is a laugh riot! No re-takes in live TV! The show is too short, so after the end credits Berle visits with you again. 60 minutes $19.95

MC-007 A DATE WITH THE ANGELS  1957.  A fun comedy series starring the witty Betty White as Vickie Angel, with Bill Williams as her husband.  THE CHATEAU  and THE WHEELER.   Both shows are complete with Plymouth commercials for that year. 60 minutes  $19.95

MC-121  A DATE WITH THE ANGELS  Volume #2  1957.  Betty White and Bill Williams star in a delightful comedy series with the 1958 Plymoth commercials as aired.  Roy Engle and Natalie Masters play their neighbors, George and Wilma Clemson.  CHRISTMAS STORY  Delightful Christmas fare.  The elderly Santa hired by the department store thinks he can give away all the toys!  By this escapade, the "Scrooge" department store manager (Richard Deacon) discovers the real meaning of Christmas.  Look for the American Flyer train layout.  Erector sets, and other Gilbert toys in the store!   THE TRAIN  The Angels go on a train trip with their neighbors.  There are problems when the wives find the boys are a little "too helpful" toward the tall brunettes and pretty girls in the Pullman car!  60 minutes  $19.95

MC-018  ED WYNN SHOW (CAMEL COMEDY SHOW)  1949 and BURNS & ALLEN  1950.  ED WYNN SHOW (CAMEL COMEDY SHOW) Great live show starring that master of comedy, Ed Wynn, and guest star, a young Garry Moore. Neat commercials for cigarettes.  BURNS & ALLEN A live show from 1950 with the original commercials for Carnation milk. 60 minutes   $19.95

MC-005  THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE  1955. Willard Waterman plays Gildersleeve, a pompous, bumbling-but-lovable character originated on the "Fibber McGee & Molly" radio show of the 1940’s. These rare TV episodes (not to be confused with the feature films starring Harold Perry) co-starred Stephanie Griffith and Marjorie Foster.  TOM SAWYER and WATER COMMISSIONER   60 minutes   $19.95

MC-201  THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE  Volume #2  1955.  Willard Waterman plays Gildersleeve, a pompous, bumbling, and lovable character who originated on the “Fibber McGee & Molly” radio show in the 1940’s.  The series came to TV in 1955 co-starring Stephanie Griffith and Marjorie Foster.  WHISTLING BANDIT  Gildersleeve is appointed acting Police Commissioner and he sets out to capture the Whistling Bandit.  GOLF BALL INCIDENT  Gildersleeve doesn’t want to admit he was playing golf in his office because a golf ball hit a congresswoman in the head! 55 minutes   $19.95

MC-097  I MARRIED JOAN  1952 and THE BURNS AND ALLEN SHOW  1950. I MARRIED JOAN Top comedy starring Joan Davis and Jim Bacus. Hilarious episode has Joan yearning to be an actress but when she tries to do a television commercial, she discovers acting is far from the glamorous profession she expected. Complete with commercials selling G.E. refrigerators. A laugh riot.  THE BURNS AND ALLEN SHOW CBS Those great days of "live" television to enjoy, complete with Carnation milk commercials done by Harry Von Zell and George Burns. In this episode THE SWAMI, Gracie thinks she must divorce George when a fortune teller says she will have a second husband. So George and others use a swami outfit to straighten Gracie out. Top fun. Also featured are the Mortons--Bea Benaderet and Hall March. 60 minutes  $19.95

MC-029  IT'S A GREAT LIFE  1955.  Rollicking fun starring Michael O'Shea, William Bishop, James Dunn, and Frances Bavier (later Aunt Bee from Andy Griffith) in a comedy about bachelors just out of the army who decide to live in California in the Morgan Boarding House. These guys get in trouble with beautiful girls, landlords, and new jobs.  NIGHTWATCHMAN  Earl saves the day by foiling a robbery (strictly by luck, of course)!  FOSTER FATHER Denny gets a letter from a war orphan in France. To Denny’s surprise, a ravishing French girl shows up at his door!  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-082  THE JACK BENNY SHOW "LIVE"  1955.  Two shows with some commercials intact.  AMATEUR NIGHT has lots of zany guests, including a girl who starts to do a striptease and Maurice Gosfield (Doberman from Sgt. Bilko) doing impressions.  SAFARI features guest Bob Hope with lots of ad-lib jokes in a cannibal skit. Martin and Lewis run up from the audience onto the stage to light the fire when Benny and Hope are in the stew pot!  The best of live TV! 57 minutes   $19.95

MC-074 JACKSON & JILL  1949. An entertaining early TV show starring Todd Karns and his pretty wife Helen Chapman.  DAISIES DON'T TELL and  MODEL MIX-UP.  Both episodes are loaded with laughs before they added "laugh tracks." Imagine watching these comedies in TV's earliest days. 55 minutes. $19.95

MC-259  JAMES DEAN’S LOST TELEVISION APPEARANCE: TROUBLE WITH FATHER  1952.  As an aspiring actor, Dean took a bit part in this popular TV sit-com early in his career.  Airing in February 1952, this is his second TV appearance.  Playing Randy, a 16-year-old teenager, he meets with his friend Drexel (Martin Milner).  The boys discuss difficulties in asking for a date. Although his screen time is only a minute and a half, the persona and star quality is all Dean. Series stars Stu Erwin, June Collyer, Shelia James, and Ann Todd.  Commercials intact.  30 minutes  $14.95

MC-012  LIFE WITH ELIZABETH  1953.  Betty White and Del Moore star as newlyweds in this delightful comedy. Each show featured three short vignettes about the couple.  THE PSYCHIC, CHRISTMAS SECRET, THE MAMBO, THE RESTAURANT, DANCE LESSONS, and CAMPING WITH MOOSE.  Lots of laughs in these two shows. 55 minutes $19.95

MC-124  LIFE WITH ELIZABETH Volume #2  1953.  Betty White and Del Moore star in more delightful comical adventures of the newlywed couple.  Announcer Jack Narz introduces each skit.  Two complete shows, each containing three vignettes.  ANTIQUE VASE, SLOW POKE ELIZABETH, MR. FUDDY'S SHOW, MAMAS LETTER, BROTHERHOOD DINNER and LOST JOB  A comedy delight!  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-058  MEET MILLIE   1952/55.  Live comedy fun. The story of an attractive secretary who has a Mom always trying to get her married. Secretly, Millie (played by Elena Verdugo) has eyes for the boss’s son. This popular TV series was based on the radio series of the same name. Also with Florence Halop, Ross Ford, Roland Winters, and Marvin Kaplin. VACATION PLANS Millie and her boyfriend are supposed to spend their vacation in the mountains, but her guy wants to go fishing with the boys.  TEXAS RANCH  has all the commercials intact, including Zarumin and Carter Little Liver Pills.  57 minutes   $19.95

MC-013  MY HERO  1952.  Laughs with Bob Cummings as Bob Beanblossom, a not too good real estate salesman. Also stars John Litel and Julie Bishop.  FISHING TRIP and SKY HIGH.  One show complete with cigarette commercials. 60 minutes  $19.95

MC-235   MY HERO   Volume #2  1952.  Bob Cummings is the star of this early television sit-com.  Bob portrays Bob Beanblossom, a “not so good” real estate salesman who gets in comical adventures with his unusual clients. THE DUEL, THE BIG CRUSH.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-079  THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE Volume #1  1956.  A sitcom classic starring Jackie Cooper, Patricia Breslin, and their canine co-star, Cleo the bassethound.  SOCK PROPOSES TO MANDY and DOMESTIC RELATIONS.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-080  THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE Volume #2  1956. A sitcom classic starring Jackie Cooper, Patricia Breslin, and their canine co-star, Cleo the basset hound.  WEDDING BELLS  Everyone thinks Sock is ready to abandon bachelorhood.  SOCK THE BUDGET BALANCER  Sock must date a beautiful girl under orders from the mayor.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-179  THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE Volume #3  1956. A sitcom classic starring Jackie Cooper, Patricia Breslin, and their canine co-star, Cleo the basset hound.  PROXY MARRIAGE  Sock and Mandy pose as bride and groom to help some friends get married.  LONELY HEARTS  Gus (Margaret Irving) shows the mayor she’s a gorgeous knockout.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-180  THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE Volume #4  1956.  A sitcom classic starring Jackie Cooper, Patricia Breslin, and their canine co-star, Cleo the basset hound.  MAYORS ELECTION  Sock runs for mayor, and almost wins!  PEOPLES PAGEANT  A city pageant finds the mayor’s relatives were not frontier heroes. 55 minutes  $19.95

MC-181  THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE Volume #5  1956. A sitcom classic starring Jackie Cooper, Patricia Breslin, and their canine co-star, Cleo the basset hound. PIERRE'S JOB  Mel Blanc cameos as a guilty dog catcher. SOCK THE GREEK GOD  Sock poses for a statue with a pretty girl for the city's sake.  55 min.  $19.95

MC-182  THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE Volume #6 1957. A sitcom classic starring Jackie Cooper, Patricia Breslin, and their canine co-star, Cleo the basset hound.  Rollo is played by Dick Wesson.  SOCK’S MASTER PLAN  Sock and Mandy leave for a secret honeymoon.  NICKEL NURSER  Rollo thinks Sock is stealing nickels from parking meters.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-183  THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE Volume #7  1957.  A sitcom classic starring Jackie Cooper, Patricia Breslin, and their canine co-star, Cleo the basset hound.  Rollo is played by Dick Wesson.  THE GIVEAWAY  The mayor plans a wedding for Sock and Mandy, because he doesn’t know they are already married!  RELUCTANT HOUSEGUEST  Rollo doesn’t want to leave, because he might have to get a job!  55 min  $19.95

MC-184  THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE Volume #8  1958.  A sitcom classic starring Jackie Cooper, Patricia Breslin, and their canine co-star, Cleo the basset hound.  SOCK’S DAUGHTER  Sock enters Cleo in a contest, as his child!  LADIES AIDE  Teenage girls working for Sock secretly start a fan club for teen idol “Jello Shako” in Sock’s house.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-185  THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE Volume #9  1958.  A sitcom classic starring Jackie Cooper, Patricia Breslin, and their canine co-star, Cleo the basset hound.  Rollo is played by Dick Wesson.  ROLLO MAKES GOOD  Rollo falls in love and Sock thinks the girl (Angie Dickinson) is a gold digger  FIRST ANNIVERSARY  Guess what!  Mandy is expecting!  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-186  THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE: FINAL EPISODES  Vol. #10  1958.  The last two episodes of this sitcom classic starring Jackie Cooper, Patricia Breslin, and their canine co-star, Cleo the basset hound.  MISSING MOOLAH  Sock is the new Justice of the Peace, and the two lovebirds he is about to marry are fugitives with stolen money!  DAISIES WON’T TELL  Sock and Mandy must find a husband for their live-in aunt so they can finally be alone. Jack Albertson guest stars.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-272  SO THIS IS HOLLYWOOD - FRIEND IN NEED / PARADE OF STARS (GE THEATER) - STAR IN THE HOUSE 1955. Show business was, and still is, a popular theme in television. SO THIS IS HOLLYWOOD  Delightful comedy series about two young ladies trying to make it in show business.  Beautiful Virginia Gibson is Kim Tracey, and aspiring actress.  Mitzi Green is Queenie Dugan, looking for her break as a stunt woman. A lovable actor and neighbor of the girls from the early days of Hollywood (guest star Victor Moore) dusts off some "connections" to help Kim get a part.  All commercials intact!  PARADE OF STARS Joan Blondell was a stage star before she decided to raise a family.  Getting ready for a magazine interview by Theater Arts Magazine about her "ideal marriage," she gets wind her husband is out late with another woman!  Laughs galore as the teenage daughter and Joan find they might have prematurely judged daddy.  Co-stars are John Sutton, Ellen Corby, and Susan Whitney.  58 minutes  $19.95

MC-093  TAKE A GOOD LOOK  1959 and THE JACK BENNY SHOW 1957.  TAKE A GOOD LOOK.  Comic genius Ernie Kovacs hosts this unusual panel show with Hans Conried, Cesar Romero and Edie Adams. This live telecast featured wild comedy skits as clues to guests’ secrets. One guest is a former “Dead End Kid” who played with Bogart. Show contains Dutch Masters commercials, with Ernie smoking a cigar under water and Edie singing the famous Murial Air Tip commercial.  THE JACK BENNY SHOW CBS. Jack at his best in this live show aired during the Easter season. Guest Ronnie Burns, George Burns’ son, sings his single “She’s Kina Cute.” With Don Wilson and Rochester. Complete with Lucky Strike Commercials.  60 minutes  $19.95

MC-021  TAKE A GOOD LOOK  1959  and YOU ASKED FOR IT  1952.  TAKE A GOOD LOOK  See the comic of Ernie Kovacs with his regular panel, plus Jim Bacus. Laughs galore with zany skits and Dutch Master commercials.  YOU ASKED FOR IT Complete with Skippy Peanut Butter commercials. Included in this show is a portable helicopter to beat snarled traffic problems. See a Dragnet type skit, fishing from a fish’s point of view, a snake dance, and more.60 minutes  $19.95

MC-224  THE THREE STOOGES COMEDY FESTIVAL  1936- 1966. The incomparable trio Moe, Larry, and Curly (Shemp) will have you in stitches with their slapstick humor and comedic timing.  DISORDER IN THE COURT  1936.  The boys turn a courtroom upside down as witnesses in a murder case.  BRIDELESS GROOM  1947.  Shemp will inherit a fortune if he finds a wife in 24 hours.  SING A SONG OF SIX PANTS  1947.  The boys try to capture a wanted criminal who frequents their tailor shop.  MALICE IN THE PALACE  1949.  The boys run an eating establishment in Egypt, where they find out about a famous lost diamond.  STAR SPANGLED SALESMAN  1966 (color)   In this government film for buying United States Savings bonds, The Three Stooges (with Joe DeRita) are among the stars who wonder about signing up through the payroll savings plan. Also look for Milton Berle, Howard Morris, Carl Reiner, Carol Burnett, John Banner, Werner Kempler, Tim Conway, Harry Morgan, and Jack Webb.  87 minutes b-w and color  $19.95

MC-287  THIS IS ALICE  1957.  The comical adventures of Alice Holliday, a cute 9 year old girl residing in Atlanta, Georgia stars Patty Ann Gerrity.  Tommy Farrell and Phyllis Coates (from Superman) play the parents.  ELEPHANT Alice helps a bankrupt carnival owner by adopting Cuddles the Elephant.   FREEDOM OF THE PRESS  The kids start a newspaper to raise money.  Seems they damaged things at a tea party with their soap box racer.  Sidney Blackmer guest stars.  55 minutes.  $19.95

MC-293  THIS IS ALICE  Volume #2  1957.  The comical adventures of Alice Holliday, a cute 9 year old girl residing in Atlanta, Georgia stars Patty Ann Gerrity.  Tommy Farrell co-stars as Dad.  ALICE PLAYS CUPID  Alice forms a protest committee when Alice’s favorite teacher is forced to retire.  Madge Kennedy plays Miss Trimble.   GUEST IN THE HOUSE  Dad has an important speaker for the town hall meeting at the house. Of course, with Alice there, it could be quite an overnight stay!   John Williams plays N. Leland Otis.   55 minutes.  $19.95




MC-243  TOPPER  1953.  George and Marion Kirby (Ann Jeffreys and Robert Sterling) lovingly haunt the new occupant of their home, banker Cosmos Topper (Leo G Carroll) in this popular TV series.  Lee Patrick stars as Henrietta, Cosmo’s wife.  Chaotic comedy with wonderful special effects only ghosts can conjure, joined by ghostly Neil the St. Bernard, who has a thirst for martinis.  SECOND HONEYMOON  Cosmos and Henrietta spend their 25th wedding anniversary in a romantic inn, which is really haunted!  GEORGE’S OLD FLAME  George Kirby’s old girlfriend is marrying a movie star, so Cosmos and the Kirbys make sure he’s not after her money.  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-245  TOPPER  Volume #2  1953.  Here is more comedy fun with those zany ghosts.  HENRIETTA SELLS THE HOUSE  To Topper’s dismay, Henrietta decides to sell the house because it is too big.  George, Marion, Neil, and Topper go to extremes to keep the house in the family.  PICNIC  A rough and tough cousin from Minnesota visits the Topper’s.  The family goes on a campout where the Kirby’s help Topper show everyone he is an outdoorsman unsurpassed!  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-169  TROUBLE WITH FATHER: THE EARLIEST EPISODES  1950.  Here are the FIRST, and SECOND episodes of this popular comedy series that ran for 5 years spanning 130 episodes.  MR. LAMONT STAYS ALL NIGHT  Mayhem ensues when the Erwins invite a stage star to their home so they could convince him to speak at the school assembly.  Jackie hides a goat, the school mascot, in Mr. Lamont's Room.  When Mr. Lamont stays for the night, Stu thinks he's a burglar.  Well, you get the picture!  THE CONTEST  A popularity contest at the soda shop has Joyce Erwin at odds with Nancy, her best friend.  When the parents get involved, watch out!  Starring Stu Erwin, June Collyer, Ann Todd, Shiela James, and Willie Best.  Watch these comedies without laugh tracks, because they weren't invented yet!  Complete with General Foods and Betty Crocker commercials. 60 minutes  $19.95

MC-015  TROUBLE WITH FATHER  1955.  Stu Erwin stars in two excellent episodes with guest star Martin Milner of Adam 12 and Route 66 fame.  THE ENGAGEMENT and THE WEDDING.  Both shows were special events on the series. Very funny episodes!  55 minutes  $19.95

MC-050  TROUBLE WITH FATHER: Volume #2  1951, 1954. Two selected hilarious episodes starring Stu Erwin.  TV COMES TO THE ERWINS Broadcast in 1951, this episode features Shiela James and Willie Best. When Stu finally decides to allow a TV in the house, his do-it-yourself installation with Willie will have you rolling in the aisles.  FLEET WING From 1954, Willie and Jackie hide an old race horse in the house when the animal is destined for the glue factory.  60 minutes  $19.95

MC-113  THE VICTOR BORGE SHOW  1951.  Enjoy this wonderful pianist and comical musical interpreter in these early "live" shows, complete with Kellogg's commercials as aired.  Our first show includes a love story skit...showing only feet!  Victor watches a baby for a neighbor--with comical, as well as musical results.  Our second show is the last show of the season, and while Victor tries to rent the apartment, many unusual characters are applicants. Frankie Thomas (Tom Corbett, Space Cadette) visits the show...he will take over the time slot.  Of course, both shows contain the wondrous piano, improvisation, and the wit of Victor Borge.   60 minutes   $19.95

MC-239  THE VICTOR BORGE SHOW Volume #2  1951.  You loved our first volume, now here’s two more wonderful shows complete with commercials.  60 minutes  $19.95

MC-203  WHERE’S RAYMOND  (THE RAY BOLGER SHOW)  1953, 1954.  Ray Bolger stars as a musical comedy star, highly talented, but always late in a delightful mixture of sit-com and musical variety.   WHERE’S RAYMOND?  Ray’s brother Jonathan tries to pull a big business deal with some stuffy high society bankers, who do not trust show business people.  Look for Jan Clayton (from the Lassie series) who sings on stage with Ray.  THE RAY BOLGER SHOW  Ray is worried his bachelor buddy (Craig Stevens, later Peter Gunn) will steal his girlfriend Susan (Marjie Miller).  Great dance numbers!  All commercials intact.  60 minutes  $19.95

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