DRAG RACIN' YESTERYEAR STYLE Great old cars and dragsters. Visit the 1966 and 1968 Nationals in RACE AGAINST TIME and DRAG RACING HOLIDAY, the days of the muscle cars. Not only do the cars look great, but wait until you see the beautiful "Hurst Shifter Girl"... remember her? 60 minutes COLOR  Order No: MC-001 $19.95  DVD or VHS

DRAG RACIN’ YESTERYEAR STYLE  VOL. #2 1963, 1965.  Two rare drag racing films loaded with classic cars and dragsters. 1963 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DRAG RACES  Those wonderful days of the muscle cars!  BIG GO USA 1965  See the Winternationals, Pomona, CA, Spingnationals, Bristol, TN, and the National Championships at Indianapolis Raceway Park.  Souped up hot rods, the Hemi Under Glass, Ramchargers, the Flintstone Flyer, and those gorgeous Hurst Shifter Girls are included in unexcelled action from drag racing’s golden era. Order No: MC-230 Price: $19.95 50 minutes  DVD or VHS

CHEVY COMPARISONS 1962, 1963  Chevy is the ONLY performer in these Chevy sponsored films.  You be the judge.  DUEL IN THE DESERT 1962,  DECISION AT DAYTONA 1963  Tests include Chevy II, Rambler, Valiant, Falcon, Comet, Fairlane, Galaxie, Impala, Fury, and Corvair, as well as trucks.  Do not miss the drag between an Impala and a Cesna Airplane!  Fuel economy, torture tests, handling, and loading up to 1700 lbs. in these vehicles. Then drag the quarter mile!  Corvair pulls 33 tons! The narrator assures us these tests are on the level, since you may try it yourself!  Bizarre racing in and out of driveways on a suburban street. A Corvair rolls down a mountain, and still starts. Econolines stopped so hard the rear wheels raise in the air! MORE! 68 minutes  Order No: MC-195 Price: $19.95  DVD or VHS

BE THE DRIVING SPIRIT OF ‘76. 1976.  The entire Chevrolet line of cars and trucks are shown in this high budget promotional film narrated by Alexander Scourby. The history of America and Chevrolet introduces you to the 1976 Impala, filmed on the streets of Washington.  The Nova, for the younger set, on the streets of Chicago.  The Concourse, and Nova police cars.  The Monza 2+2 shows it’s racing potential, and the Monza Town Coupe, a mini Monte Carlo!   See the Camero LT, and Corvette on the Golden Gate bridge.  The Vega takes on Mount Whitney and Death Valley.  See the Malibu Classic Landau coupe, Laguna S-3, and Monte Carlo on the ocean.  Chevy wagons, trucks, El Camino, Blazer, Beauville Sports Van and Suburban, and Luv are shown.  The Chevette, and the Chevettes' new commercials round up the complete line for 76.  A wonderfully elaborate and nostalgic promo! Order No: MC-248 Price: $19.95 58 minutes COLOR

RARE AUTO AND TRAVEL THRILLS.  A unique collection of sights and sounds from the past.  WORLDS FAIR 1933  brings back the romance and thrills of Chicago's Century of Progress of 1933. See the Avenue of Flags, "futuristic" buildings, towering skyrides, and so much more. In back of the Chrysler building, daredevil Harry Hart puts 1934 Plymouths through the wildest punishment imaginable in the infamous Punishment Pit.  WHEELS ACROSS AUSTRALIA  records famed explorers Armand Dennis and his wife Michaela taking their early 1950's Dodge vehicles from the south to the north over the Australian continent. The sedan and Power Wagon bring us the sights of birds, flowers, lizards, kangaroo and more, all beautifully filmed. A visit with the Aborigine is an exceptional look at these people at that time. (Brief nudity in native fashion.) See a turtle feast and a wallaby hunt.  FIRE IN THE MINE  was made in 1936 by Dodge and stars John Hamilton and Frank Melton. To save men caught in a mine, a Dodge must race a steam locomotive, go over giant desert dunes, and finally be "rolled" down a mountain to get there in time! A wild race! 60 minutes COLOR and b-w    Order No: MC-040 $19.95

THOSE FABULOUS AUTOS OF YESTERYEAR 1934.   WHEELS ACROSS AFRICA  is a spectacular adventure "must see." Follow an African expedition covering 42,000 miles by Dodge truck and sedan. The strange sights encountered on the expedition equal the scenes of the reliability of these early vehicles. Armand Denis, famous explorer, narrates the film and he was in charge of the expedition. There is too much excitement to mention, but here's a few highlights: See the sacred city with fire dancers, fire eaters and a man who breaks, eats, and sleeps on jagged glass. See treacherous mountains crossed. Discover the Sahara, an oasis, and  strange tribes along the way. Rare footage of snake charmers, the Congo, people with strange tattoo scars, pointed teeth, and plate lips will amaze you. See giant rhinos, elephants, and a lion attacking the cameraman! Exciting and unusual action from start to finish. Many of the tribes filmed probably do not exist today. 60 minutes  Order No: MC-037 $19.95

BIZARRE EXPEDITIONS  Unusual travel adventure circa 1935 with Armand Denis and Lisa Roosevelt, famous explorers. Produced by Dodge and released to theaters at the time, these "Mondo Cane" type adventure films will astound you.  EAST OF BOMBAY  In the land of sacred cows, you'll see ivory carving, gems, and silver. In the palace of the Raja, wealth abounds. Travel by Dodge car and truck until things get too rough, then by horse. Precarious rope bridges lead to ancient monasteries. See a grotesque and strange masked dance. Run the rapids on goatskin rafts. You will also witness the holy city, where in religious rites many metal skewers are put through tongues and bodies plus devil dancers, snake charmers, and a procession with 125 elephants.  WHEELS ACROSS INDIA includes scenes of Rangoon, Burma, the dead city and the cult of the snake. See the giraffe necked women, and the removal of the collar! Elephants move giant trees and see tropical rain forests with trees that take 48 hours to chop down! A priestess must kiss a seven-foot high king cobra and more!  Order No: MC-045 Price: $19.95 60 minutes

CHRYSLER 300 MEMORIES 1955-1956 with Indy 500 1963.  Chrysler, sports cars, and racing, it's all here!  THE 300 IDEA  The history of Chrysler 300, 1955 to 1962.  A sports car with American style and comfort. CONTINENTAL DIVIDE RALLY 1962: BOULDER COLORADO  A 1963 Sport 300 G takes on the Sports car crowd, with surprising results. INDY 500: 1963  All the action, with Chrysler 300 Pace Cars. Unbelievable crash footage. From Offy in the front, to Ford in the rear, Indy race footage unsurpassed!  55 minutes COLOR  Order No: MC-110 Price: $19.95

CHRYSLER COMPARISONS 1957,1958.  See the speed and handling of the 1957 and 1958 performance cars. In McCAHILL TESTS THE 1958 CHRYSLER AND THE 1958 IMPERIAL  Tom McCahill, automotive writer for Mechanix Illustrated magazine, takes cars out to the foot of the High Sierras for testing. See the Chrysler Windsor, New Yorker, Imperial, Mercury, Lincoln, Olds 88, Buick Roadmaster, Super, and Cadillac put through their paces. McCahill says "keep your eye on that Cadillac" as it takes bumps so vicious the doors and trunk pop open! The Chrysler takes it in stride! See acceleration, braking, bumps at 40 actually airborne! Also on this reel, YOU’RE ON THE TEST TRACK 1957.  Filmed at the Chrysler proving grounds. It is the Chrysler Windsor, Saratoga, New Yorker, Imperial against Buick, Olds, and Cadillac. From "burning rubber" to "torture road" the classic auto handling and action is non-stop. 50 minutes   Order No: MC-039 Price: $19.95  DVD or VHS

DODGE REBELLION MEMORIES 1965 to 1969.  Made for a single showing at dealer announcement time. "The 1967 Dodge Rebellion Theater" highlights the full Dodge car and truck line with the incomparable wit of Tom Lehrer, piano in tow! Watch for pretty Miss Priscilla Smugley as she transforms from a Corvair with an underpowered rear end, to a Dart in the heart with the biggest ashtray in the small car field! Loaded with laughs, pretty girls, and Dodges, 1960s style. Plus, enjoy twelve commercials (mostly in color) featuring the Dodge line from 1965 to 1969, including the Little Red Wagon making "wheel stands" down the strip! Wonderful fun.  60 minutes COLOR   Order No: MC-065 $19.95  DVD or VHS

ORPHAN CAR SELECTIONS FROM THE 1950'S.  THE STUDEBAKER STORY 1953. A Hollywood produced history dramatically recalls the formation, development, and heritage of the Studebaker Corporation from wagon making in 1852 to the introduction of the fabulous Starlight coupes in 1952. This color docudrama puts heart and soul into the company motto "Always give more than you promise." NASH FOR 1953. Starting with an introduction of designer Pinin Farina, this sales film from 1953 exuberantly praises the functional beauty, the sturdy airflyte construction (fortress on wheels), and the reclining seats "that every woman will love" in the entire Nash line. Watch for the famed 140-MPH Lemans Dual Jetfire engine that paced 24 hours at 91 MPH in 1952! WORD OF HONOR 1952.  A Public service film from Kaiser-Frazer Corporation and the NHRA. The story revolves around a concerned race car driver, Duke Marshall (who tows his racer with a Kaiser), and his efforts to stop reckless games of "tag, chicken, and cut off" by the teens with their souped up cars. A nation wide law enforcement program to encourage young drivers to sign a pledge not to race on open highways and to encourage participation in the National Hot Rod Association backed the film. The Kaiser is used to show what a safe car should be!  Donald Woods stars. Plus Hudson commercials showing racing Hornets, and Nash commercials.  COLOR and b-w. 68 minutes  Order No: MC-152  $19.95

PONTIAC PROMOS  1937-1952.  A rare collection of automotive memorabilia.  EVERYTHING POINTS TO PONTIAC FOR 1937.  It's bigger, more powerful, and the window vent is good for blowing out cigar smoke!  CHIEF OF THE SHOW 1941.  The auto show, and a Pontiac with a "pivoting body" to show the inside. Pretty girls wearing outfits made of upholstery material, and a snappy announcer, show you everything imaginable about the "new" Pontiac for 1941. THROUGH THE YEARS 1950.  The story of the Pontiac automobile, from it's inception, to the entire production and assembly process of a 1950 Pontiac. ACCESSORIZING 1952.  Sit down with your friendly salesman in a Pontiac showroom and decide if you want the newest accessories on your Pontiac, including directional signals, bumper guards, and seat covers  in this entertaining sales film.  62 minutes  COLOR and b-w   Order No: MC-174  $19.95

STOCK CARS GROW UP:  NASCAR  1959-1962.  RACE TO LIVE  Men, cars and action-stock cars in the 1960's.  A brief history of the beginning...road racing from Elgin, Illinois in the 1930's, to Daytona in 1962.  Action race shots from many tracks covering 1959-1961.  The pits, preparation of the cars, gorgeous gals, and the required beauty contest.  A Pontiac is made race ready at Bud Moore's garage.  Close ups of Cotten Owens, Fred Lorenzen, Joe Weatherly, and young Richard Petty.  The announcer states "more people are killed playing basketball than in stock cars."  You be the a race car flies into the air and wipes out a grandstand!  Unbelievable crashes & action.  GLORY ROAD  The Modified Sportsman class at Daytona in 1961.  Back yard bombs from 30's Studebakers to every conceivable make and model.  Superchargers...fuel injection...six carburetors...make these jalopies gallop at 145 miles per hour.  Car modifications are explained; and watcha race where 68 cars start, but only 26 finish.  The biggest pileup in automotive history!  The winner?  Marion Farr in a 1954 Ford with a screaming Lincoln engine.  55 minutes COLOR   Order No: MC-132  $19.95  DVD or VHS

STOCK CAR MEMORIES:  DARLINGTON-SOUTHERN 500, 1955, 1956.  Raw auto racing action...the halcyon years of stock cars.  The last battle of the independents- vs. the factory teams.  Two action packed Southern 500's from 1955, 1956 including certification, gorgeous beauty queens, pit areas, and unbelievable racing footage.  Legendary names like Herb Thomas, Buck Baker, Tim and Fonty Flock, and Curtis Turner are here with Smokey Yunick, Peter Depaolo... and of course Fireball Roberts.  Do not miss the famous Kierhaefer Chrysler 300's blasting along at 120 MPH.  The brutal track takes its toll on big heavy cars...with Chevy, then Ford, taking the checkered flag.  Your favorite 50's cars represent horsepower on wheels in our Stock Car Memories. 55 minutes   Order No: MC-131 $19.95  DVD or VHS

STOCK CAR MEMORIES: DAYTONA 500 1958, 1959.  Unique racing footage shows the transition at Daytona from the old highway and beach track to the new asphalt track designed for speeds of 200 MPH.  SPEED IN THE SUN   The year is 1958...see “speed week”, where all makes of cars of the time race the NASCAR measured mile, and speeds up to 140 MPH! Then, the Grand National for convertibles, the last convertible race ever held on the beach.  Featuring Curtis Turner, Tim Flock, Buck Baker, Joe Weatherly, and Lee Petty in his Olds convert. Turner and Ford power triumph!  FROM SAND TO SPEEDWAY  1959, and more measured mile sand racing.  See a 56 T-Bird demolished!  The driver was “saved by a seat belt and modern auto design.”  The new track has Fireball Roberts qualifying at a sizzling 145 MPH!  The action is non-stop with Lee Petty winning by a ONE-YARD photo finish in his Oldsmobile #42.  Order No: MC-193  $19.95 55 minutes b-w and COLOR  DVD or VHS

TREKKING TO TIMBUCTOO 1934.   Starting in Chicago, and then on to New York, a true adventure as we board a freighter with two Ford trucks and a sedan.  Our destination...Africa.  We search for the remote city of Timbuctoo.  See fascinating places and marvel at the sights of 1930's Africa.  Names like Dakar, Fatik, Nayes, Bamako, Mopti, Gao...dusty travel, gas shortages, and perils along the way.  The narrator's 1930's style is sometimes quite amusing, as you see the natives in spectacular costumes, religious dances, and village life.  Primitive bridges collapsing damage trucks, cars are stuck in the desert sand, but we finally reach Timbuctoo, mysterious city of the great Sahara.  See markets, horsemen robbers, tribes, sword fights, and the Camel Corps of the French Foreign Legion.  Much more action, brought to you by Ford power!  Some brief nudity due to native dress. CAMERA THRILLS IN WILDEST AFRICA  The Roosevelt Exposition of 1933 with 1930’s style adventure and animals. 53 minutes Order No: MC-128 $19.95

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