THE MIDDLETON FAMILY AT THE 1939 WORLD'S FAIR Step back into the past through this rare motion picture sponsored by Westinghouse starring Marjorie Lord, James Lyndon, Ruth Lee, and Harry Shannon.  A wonderful visit to the fair!  See Elektro the robot, the "Moto-Man" who walks, talks, counts, and even smokes a cigarette.  Don't miss the Battle of the Centuries (Woman vs. Dishwasher), the Microvarium, the Junior Science Laboratories, and the Television Show.  You'll be amazed in the Hall of Power and the Hall of Electrical Living.  All this intertwined with the story of the Middleton family, and Babs the college girl, who has a boyfriend with Marxist/socialist learnings!  Of course he's a "rat," and America, capitalism, and a new boyfriend create hope for a brighter tomorrow. 55 minutes COLOR  Order No: MC-140  $19.95






NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR MEMORIES OF 1964  WORLD'S FAIR PLANNING with Lowell Thomas shows the construction of the fair. Through models and pictures, all the highlights of the fair are explained in Thomas's incomparable style.  TO THE FAIR follows two pretty girls as they see the sights of the fair. You'll delight at the sights and sounds of the 1964 New York World's Fair.  55 minutes b-w and COLOR  Order No: MC-115 $19.95

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