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THE WAR TIME YEARS is an outstanding collection of different hour-long programs each containing original war films and newsreels that cover the great battles of World War II on all fronts. Experience the sights and sounds of the land, sea and air battles that were The War Time Years of World War II in your home today. Each volume, unless otherwise indicated, is 60 minutes of rare battle films. $19.95 per volume. Exceptions noted.

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VOLUME #7: Order No: MC-104 (30 min.) Price: $14.95

MC-063 THE BIG ATTACK (1958) and COMBAT SERGEANT  1956. Here is an excellent selection of early war TV series based on the true stories of war heroes. THE BIG ATTACK episode BIG SLIM takes place on Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944. The bravery and heroism of Sergeant “Big Slim,” an all-around GI hero with C Company Infantry, is depicted. He won the Silver Star and the everlasting admiration of his men as he lead a daring attack against the Germans. Dana S. Hutton stars, who later changed his name to Jim Hutton. THE COMBAT SERGEANT story ALL FACES EAST shows how two men found and destroyed a hidden airfield during the battle against Rommels Africa Corps. Great air and ground war action. This series starred Michael Thomas as Sgt. Nelson, Cliff Clark as General Harrison, and Frank Marlow as Corporal Murphy.  55 minutes $19.95

MC-054   P.O.W.  Sterling performances highlight this "live" UNITED STATES STEEL HOUR from October 27, 1953, describing the psychological torment our American G.I.’s faced when they returned to the U.S. after being in communist prison camps. Questions of heroes, courage, and cowardice are explored in a time when "brainwashing" was a new phenomena. The story takes place in an army hospital and stars Gary Merril, Phillis Kirk, Richard Kiley, and Brian Kieth. 55 minutes  $19.95

MC-168 VD MANIA: ONE A MINUTE / MIRACLE OF LIVING  1943.  World War 2 films shown to our armed forces.  ONE A MINUTE  Sailors get caught with some pretty sleazy dames at the Kit Kat club.  See Sugar Swanson in the dance of love!  Obviously, the boys find out Sugar has a lot more to offer than curves. MIRACLE OF LIVING  The story of a relationship.  The girl is a newspaper reporter, waiting for her GI to come home from the war. She remains true to her love; they marry upon his return.  Nevertheless, he was not true to her. Unknown to them, she develops VD and their life together is ruined.  A bitter look at the price of fornication with a 40's appeal. Look for Darren McGaven and other stars helping the war effort. 52 minutes  19.95

MC-130  THE STORY OF DE-733  1945.  Produced by Paramount for the U.S.Navy to control venereal disease.  Those in the service remember these films.  Dads have told their sons about them.  An explicit story of a ship, damaged by torpedoes.  Why?  All because a man on his post collapsed...from VD  Navy men will be Navy men...but when they go on leave...VD is everywhere.  Girls who are prostitutes, or as pretty and innocent as the girl next door, infect the crew.  There are so many men going to the doc with a "dose" it gets like "VD Madness."  Be prepared for explicit "man talk," sex education, and male anatomy exposed.  Watch this film seriously, or "tongue in cheek," but do not miss this military classic from the past.  53 minutes  $19.95

MC-052 THIS IS THE ARMY   A World War II extravaganza starring Joan Leslie, George Tobias, Alan Hale, Ronald Reagan, Joe Louis, Kate Smith, Irving Berlin, and more! A wartime effort to entertain the troops, as those who staged the WWI musical "Yip Yip Yaphank" reunite for the WWII effort. Songs, skits and big production fun with a wartime flavor. George Murphy plays Ronald Reagan father.120 minutes COLOR $19.95

MC-148  TELEPHONE TIME VOLUME #2  (1956, 1957) Excellent popular series based on true events.  Uplifting stories hosted by John Nesbitt, with all commercials intact in these full network versions.  BOARDERS AWAY (1956) The WW2  story of Captain Dan Gallery.  He convinced his superiors he could capture a German U-boat.  See the top secret preparation, the planning for booby traps, and the actual boarding and capturing of the U-505 German submarine.  This harrowing feat led to the capture of the German code books which helped shorten the war. This episode stars Arthur Space, James Dobson, and look for Scotty Beckett ("Winky" from Rocky Jones).  BULLET LOU KIRN (1957) Alan Baxter plays Lou Kirn, a Navy football star in 1931, a Squadron Commander during WW2, and a man faced with his biggest challenge in 1954...a dread form of paralysis.  During this personal battle he reaches out to save a paralyzed boy (young Johnny Crawford from "Rifleman").  A true story of courage--Kirn promises to walk if the boy will walk too!  Also starring Harold J. Stone and Herbert Rudley.60 minutes  $19.95

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