In the days of early television it was all film.
Aired once, never to be seen again...until now.

MC-048 FORD THEATER 1950.Rare live telecast. THE MARRIED LOOK stars Paul Kelly, Louis Wilson, and Betsy Blair. A scientist and his wife argue because he won't leave his laboratory. He has a dream about a beautiful girl; could it be his wife when she was young? Through the dream, he discovers his wife's true goodness and romance. Interesting dream sequences for live television. Complete with 1950 Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln car commercials. 60 minutes $19.95

MC-076 LUX VIDEO THEATER 1955.  HOLIDAY AFFAIR stars Phyllis Thaxter, Scott Brady, and Chris Olson. Hosted by Ken Carpenter, Otto Kruger with guest stars Walter Brennan and Margaret O'Brien. Some commercials intact, including Lux Soap and Pepsodent. 58 minutes $19.95

MC-060  PULITZER PRIZE PLAYHOUSE 1951.  BROKEN DISHES is a delightful light comedy starring James Dunn, a young Robert Stack, and Marcia Henderson. Without giving away the punch line, Dad is henpecked by an overbearing wife who is always talking about how she should have married her old flame. When the old flame shows up, he ends up being a crook! In the meantime, the pretty young daughter wants to marry Robert Stack. Will she succeed? Will Dad become boss of the household. Well, don't try to guess the ending. Just give this early "live" telecast a try. 55 minutes $19.95

MC-042  TODAY 1957.  Relive November 20, 1957, 7AM to 8AM. Extremely rare segment takes us back in time to the live set of NBC's The Today Show. The famous row of clocks. Teletype machines and telephones are there as well as Dave Garroway takes you through the events of the day. Also features are Helen O'Connell, Frank Blair, Jack Lascoulie and Kokomo the Chimp. The newscast tells of transistors and Kruchev, plus Cuban rebels for Castro stirring up trouble. There's also "Daves Album," the people of new York through a store window front, and the ad-libbing and conversations with the director on camera that you'll only find on live TV. National promos for NBC shows include one for You Bet Your Life. Don't miss this unique piece of television history. 50 minutes $19.95

MC-031 ROBERT MONTGOMERY PRESENTS 1957.  Excellent live TV hosted by Robert Montgomery. LONGING FOR TO GO stars Lenka Peterson and Robert Culp. Go into an actual TV studio at NBC in 1957 and see the making of a TV show while enjoying the romantic comedy of the producer and his girl "Friday" who's looking for more than a work relationship. 55 minutes $19.95

MC-208 STUDIO ONE 1950.  THE HORSE’S MOUTH  Burgess Meredith stars as the cantankerous, conniving, and lovable starving artist who wants to paint his last masterpiece.  The problem is his modern style favors nudes in his paintings; this film is zany, funny, and refreshing comedy fun. Sally Gracie, Peter Martyn, and Robert Craven also star. Commercials intact from Westinghouse including an entertainment center with a TV, radio, and record player!  60 minutes  $19.95

MC-209  STUDIO ONE  1950.  Highly charged suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat in this outstanding live performance.  Peggy Ann Gardner, Catherine Nesbitt, and Laurence Hugo star in STRANGE COMPANION.  A man meets a mysterious beautiful woman at a concert who has multiple personalities and lives in an imaginary dream world.  When the woman’s older lady “companion” puts a stop to the romance, she seeks a chilling and unusual form of revenge.  Commercials intact.  60 minutes  $19.95

MC-054 UNITED STATES STEEL HOUR 1953.  P.O.W.  Sterling performances highlight this "live" UNITED STATES STEEL HOUR from 1953 that describes the psychological torment our American G.I.’s faced when they returned to the U.S. after being in communist prison camps. Questions of heroes, courage, and cowardice are explored in a time when "brainwashing" was a new phenomena. The story takes place in an army hospital and stars Gary Merril, Phillis Kirk, Richard Kiley, and Brian Kieth. 55 minutes $19.95


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