A Window Into the Past

MC-095  THE HOWDY DOODY SHOW (1948) and THE GABBY HAYES SHOW (1950).  THE HOWDY DOODY SHOW (PUPPET PLAYHOUSE) NBC It's 5:30 and time for a circus of fun. Sing "It's Howdy Doody Time" with the Peanut Gallery. See a super duper old time movie with Buffalo Bob narrating it. Clarabell, games, an early TV delight. This popular series aired 2,543 times from 1947 to 1960. A "live" telecast. THE GABBY HAYES SHOW (THE QUAKER OATS SHOW) ABC Lovable Gabby sings the Quaker Oats song for you. Then he sits down with his two young friends and spins tale of outlaw Sam Bass for them. This "live" presentation stars Andrew Duggan and Wright King, and is sure to be a favorite.   60 minutes $19.95

MC-067  HOWDY DOODY MEMORIES (1958, 1955). Visit with Buffalo Bob, Clarabell, Chief Thundercloud, Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring, Phineas T. Bluster, and other favorite characters in these complete TV shows..  Our first selection has Mr. Bluster scheming to take over Doodyville.  The second program features a special guest appearance by that lovable old cowboy, Gabby Hayes.  Don’t miss the Howdy Doody Comic, a cartoon serial adventure.  55 minutes   $19.95

MC-062  JOHNNY JUPITER (1953). This rare science fiction sitcom started on the Dumont station, then moved to ABC when Dumont closed. Wright King plays Duckweather, a general store clerk who invents an interplanetary television and discovers the delightful (puppet) inhabitants of the planet Jupiter, including Johnny Jupiter and his pal Reject the Robot.  DUCKWEATHER'S TV SHOP  TV sets get fixed all right--Jupiterian style!  THE PROFESSOR  Guest star Ross Martin (of Wild, Wild West fame), plays a nutty professor hired to speak at a womens’' club. Laughs and gags abound when the real professor doesn't show up.
One show is complete with M&M candy commercials. 58 minutes  $19.95

MC-010  SUPER CIRCUS (1952). It's Super Circus, boys and girls! Rare nostalgia with all the original cast and Kellogg’s commercials. Claude Kirchiner is the ringmaster, with beautiful assistant Mary Hartline and clowns Cliffy, Scampy and Nicky. Circus acts from all over the world! Four half hour segments. 115 minutes $19.95

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