MC-141 SHEENA QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE 1954. Beautiful Irish McCalla is the 6 foot 1 inch courageous jungle goddess fighting evil in the savage continent of Africa. Bob, an African white trader and Sheena's friend, is played by Christian Drake. FORBIDDEN LAND Sheena escorts a safari and film crew into darkest Africa to make a motion picture about a tribe never seen by outsiders. THE RENEGADES Sheena helps Bob search for stolen diamonds. 55 min. $19.95

MC-161 SHEENA QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE Volume #2 1955. More jungle excitement, wild animals, brave heroes, and beautiful Sheena, Queen of the Jungle played by Irish McCalla. THE TEST An animal poacher dares to steal Chim, Sheena's comical chimpanzee. Boy, is he in for trouble! THE MAGIC BAG Deep in the jungle filming wildlife, Sheena and Bob encounter a doctor seeking the Boca drug used by natives to revive the dead! 55 minutes $19.95

MC-162 SHEENA, QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE Volume #3 1955. Sheena is sure to satisfy your jungle adventuring spirit in two more action episodes of this "lost" series starring Irish McCalla. THE GANYIKA KID A crooked boxing promoter enters the jungle with Bob seeking a new savage fighter to bring to New York. Sheena saves the crook's life when a chief seeks revenge. THE ELEPHANT GOD Sheena and Bob help a woman who seeks a plane lost in the jungle. This plane is the key to her identity and a sizable family inheritance. Clues to help Sheena unravel the mystery include a Masai doll, a secret waterfall, and an elephant with one tusk. 55 minutes $19.95

MC-165 SHEENA, QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE Volume #4 1955. In LEOPARD MEN a ruthless prospector uses the Leopard Men, a secret society of killers ostracized from their own tribes, to obtain a uranium mine through terror and murder. Sheena unravels the mystery, and is captured by the Leopard Men, leading to the exciting conclusion! SACRED RIVER Sheena helps Bob convince the Japella tribe to allow the Gobi tribe to canoe on their sacred river selling hemp. Sheena and friends are captured and almost sacrificed to the river! How does Sheena get out of this? 55 min $19.95

MC-187 SHEENA, QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE Volume #5 1955. Two more action episodes of this "lost" TV series with beautiful Irish McCalla. CURSE OF THE VOODOO Sheena, Bob, and a reckless photographer are captured by a voodoo tribe. Sheena must convince the witch doctor her magic is greater than voodoo. FORBIDDEN CARGO Sheena encounters a band of ruthless gun runners who carry more than rifles...typhoid fever. Sheena must stop them before an epidemic occurs. 55 minutes $19.95

MC-188 SHEENA, QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE Volume #6 1955. TOUCH OF DEATH Sheena encounters an unscrupulous trader dealing in contraband ivory. To hide this dastardly deed the natives are convinced Bob has the "touch of death." Can Sheena save him? THE LASH (This rare print has a line for approximately 10 minutes.) Sheena meets the diabolical and sadistic criminal, ex-circus strongman Bull Kendall, who is willing to kill for valuable musk oil. Sheena proves she is a match for Bull (Buddy Baer) and his whip! 55 minutes $19.95

MC-271 SHEENA, QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE Volume #7 1955. Three episodes! JUNGLE PURSUIT, SECRET OF THE TEMPLE, and RIVAL QUEEN!  In RIVAL QUEEN Bull Kendall (Buddy Baer) escapes prison with two other escapees, who concoct a scheme to steal musk, used in expensive perfume, from the Nenomos tribe. They hypnotize a woman who becomes an evil queen, and Sheena must stop her.  Three complete episodes! 79 Minutes $19.95

MC-280 FIVE BOLD WOMEN 1959 This Western drama has a lawman, escorting five women to prison. They are ambushed by Indians and the outlaw husband of one of the women. In a conversation with Irish she mentioned this was her favorite feature acting role.  Starring Irish McCalla, Jeff Morrow, Merry Anders, Jim Ross, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Kathy Marlowe. Color, 82 Minutes  $19.95

MC-022 GEORGE GOBEL SHOW and TED MACK AMATEUR HOUR 1954. GEORGE GOBEL SHOW  We all remember good old lonesome George and his wife on the show, Peggy King. Cute skits, lots of laughs, and they were all live! Look for the guest appearance of beautiful Irish McCalla (who starred in the TV series Sheena Queen of the Jungle). In her short cameo without screen credits, George is not supposed to notice (his wife is there) Irish in the room.  TED MACK AMATEUR HOUR (commercials intact) Best of early live TV as amateur performers show their talents. In this show there is a one-legged dancer who is actually quite good!  58 minutes $19.95

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